enVista for us has been a flexible, cost effective vendor. They listen, they support, they offer solutions and help us around the clock. I look forward to moving this relationship forward and expanding it in the future.

Jeff Young - VP CIO

The team at enVista finds a way to bridge the gap between the art and science of industrial engineering. They took a holistic approach to the process and really focused on the change management. They recognized that cultural change was required as well as implementing a technical solution.

Kent Kostuk - Industrial Engineering Manager
Supply Chain

Every single person that I’ve worked with at enVista is definitely high quality and really cares about your business. Anytime I have a business problem to solve, enVista always seems to have that exact person that I need to talk to.

Keith Barnes - IT Director - Supply Chain Solutions
Supply Chain

There are a number of providers that could provide the service, but look at the character of the leadership and the employees that will be providing those services. In the 17 years I’ve been in IT, I’ve not found anyone better than enVista.

Tom Glassley - Director of Information Technology

Some of the great benefits that enVista has brought for us is whenever we need something with the warehouse management system, they’re always there for us. They’ve always got the resources in place, and they’ve always got talented and dedicated employees that want to help out. They’re a great partner and they really know the distribution business and warehousing.

Brian Foster - Senior Director IT
Supply Chain

When you’re with enVista, you have multiple sources of information because the company is so broad, and the acumen is so wide. But yet they’re philosophically on the same page so they come to execute with the same culture. This is the big difference.

Deacon Paul Lunsford - President Guerin Catholic High School
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