I would call working with enVista a boutique-type feel with a big company resource backing behind it. Very personal, very intimate but yet a lot of resources to back up and provide us with the information and project management and details that we need. It's more than just a client-consultant relationship. With enVista, it’s about getting the job done and getting it done right.

Mike Racer - VP of Supply Chain
Supply Chain

enVista has some of the best people in the industry in their contract negotiations group in terms of understanding what’s happening behind the curtain when you’re talking to these folks with which you have parcel relationships. The outcomes were really far beyond anything we had expected. With enVista, we’ve never gotten anything but a, ‘Yes, we can take care of it’ answer. There’s always someone who can make something actionable happen very quickly.

Mike Lackman - COO

enVista brought a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to our team that we did not have in house. So, when they sat at the table and made a proposal, we were comfortable that they factored in what other retailers were doing, best practices, and what they knew about the industry. Meet with enVista, they know what they’re talking about. Their team is high quality from top to bottom.

Mike Starkey - Senior VP
Supply Chain

enVista really spent significant time with us learning the business. enVista matched us with a great project manager and a team behind him that was consistent over the life of the project. enVista did a great job helping us find a solution that would embed well with AX.

Matt Howard - Chief Financial Officer

With enVista's ability to complete projects on time, within budget, it has been a real turn around for me. As a result of us taking on enVista, I’ve been able to reduce my costs and really been able to improve the services I’ve been able to provide.

Trent Stone - Chief Information Officer

enVista for us has been a flexible, cost effective vendor. They listen, they support, they offer solutions and help us around the clock. I look forward to moving this relationship forward and expanding it in the future.

Jeff Young - VP CIO