enVista was an impressive partner in our facility design project, and we feel confident enVista has helped us find the right warehouse technology for the next phase of our supply chain transformation. We are eager to improve our operations, and we know this implementation will position our company for further growth.

Yisroel Rubelow - Chief Operating Officer
Supply Chain

enVista helped our school implement a new wireless network that is a major improvement for our students and staff. enVista’s IT consulting team effectively delivered against our fixed deadlines at the start of the school year and also delivered a full network upgrade that has provided a dramatic improvement in network performance.

Tom Groot - North Deanery Chief Information Officer

It’s been a very collaborative effort between enVista and Zumiez on a lot of different levels, from walking through our distribution center and talking with our teammates to meeting with our management and executive team on the direction we want to go. Some companies come in with solutions they push on you. enVista's been alongside us to determine what makes sense.

Will Eaton - Director of Supply Chain
Supply Chain

enVista’s approach, is a team approach. They didn’t attempt to create a solution until they came out as a team and talked with us about that. I really liked that we were able to have the players at enVista at the table that had the solutions that we needed.

James Dolan - Director of Logistics

enVista provided support from both an operational and tactical execution perspective along with the strategic advisory council activity. I think enVista is extremely competent in terms of understanding supply chain operations. If you partner with enVista, they will tell you the truth whether you want to hear the truth or not.

Mike Giresi - CIO
Supply Chain

We decided to work with enVista because we didn’t have an IT department. We wanted to find a one stop shop for all of our needs, whether it was help desk support or networking issues, as well as someone we could contact 24/7. As we grew, enVista was able to identify our needs and help us build our infrastructure. All of those things have been very helpful and helped us grow.

Andy Schenck - President