We needed a partner like enVista that could implement our ERP solution and tailor it towards our needs, not just install it.

Joe Williams IV - President

I'm glad I contracted with enVista to analyze our small package shipments. Without this analysis, there was no way I could be confident the new agreement our carrier had on the table was fair.

Mike Neff - Director, E-Commerce

enVista's dashboards and reporting tools are extremely helpful, and I truly appreciate the one-on-one support and availability of the enVista sales team. They are a wealth of knowledge and are great sounding boards for exploring new opportunities

Adrienne Peterson - Supply Chain Analyst

Overall, it was an extremely positive experience. It helped us set the benchmark with our freight, and we are excited about the carriers, service and rates we have in place.

- - General Manager

enVista's methodology and process is unrivaled. It's a tragic mistake to try to do it internally. This is an extremely objective approach, and I'm always telling friends to investigate enVista.

Brian McCarthy - Senior Vice President of Operations
Supply Chain

enVista looked at our supply chain through the eyes of customer and asked the right question. For us, it was, 'How do we improve services to our stores?' At Hibbett, it is always about providing excellent service. enVista's solution enables us to create a unique customer experience and exceed our customers' expectations.

Jeff Rosenthall - CEO & President
Supply Chain