Warehouse Mobility 101: Modernizing the Warehouse

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Keeping Up with Technology

The Warehouse Mobility 101 eBook is an introductory guide to understanding warehouse mobility technology available in the market. With paper-based processes still dominating warehouse and distribution centers, companies are looking to technology to automate and connect operations. 

What You Will Find in This eBook

How to Overcome Common Warehouse Challenges

Types of Warehouse Mobility Devices

Benefits of a Warehouse Mobility Solution

Design a Warehouse Mobility Solution Built to Last

Levels of Warehouse Mobility Solutions

enVista's Warehouse Mobility Services

Failure to Comply
With GDPR 

End of support for Windows Server and SQL Server means your system may fail to comply with regulatory standards such as GDPR; resulting in business complications and financial penalties. With more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider, Microsoft offers secure environments that will help you meet your compliance needs. Modernize your application stack to avoid fines – as well as lost customer trust.

Security Threats
And Risks

End of support for Windows Server and SQL Server means the end of critical security bulletins, resulting in potential business interruptions. Migrate to Microsoft Azure and get three years of critical and important security updates at no charge, with built-in features that protect your data. Your security health is monitored across your environment, with multiple support offers.


Businesses who embrace digital transformation are well placed to outperform the competition while providing the best customer experience. End of support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 offers an opportunity to modernize with the Microsoft cloud. Deliver the reliability and performance no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey.

Maximize Your
Warehouse Efficiency

For your warehouse or distribution center to operate at maximum efficiency, you need a well-designed warehouse mobility solution that meets the demands of your consumers and employees.

In today’s warehouse environment, success and failure are directly related to the speed and accuracy in which information is collected and processed. For your warehouse to operate at maximum efficiency, you need a solution that meets your demands. 

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In this eBook, learn how to overcome common warehouse challenges, the benefits of a warehouse mobility solution, different types of warehouse technology available, and how a trusted partner can advise you on the best warehouse mobility solution.