I would say that one of the things I enjoy most about enVista are the values that they have. That was one of the biggest things we felt aligned best with Redbubble. With enVista, we were able to take those values, be very nimble and also work collaboratively toward a mutual goal.

Jennifer Daniel Head of Global Logistics

enVista's Impact

One of the big reasons we chose enVista was to bring in all of the billing information from various postal authorities and parcel carriers around the world in order to digest that information, make sure we were auditing and paying the correct rates, and that we were receiving that data back in a uniform format that we could use.

Through some of the information we received from enVista, we were able to find some pretty egregious mis-billings from certain carriers and really work with them to tighten things up. We also used the information we got from the billing data to make strategic decisions in our transportation network.