With the solution, it has actually been night and day. The field organization and how they do business today is completely transformed from where it was. It used to take about 5 months to get recap reports from any season because it was 33 different systems, bringing them all together, gathering all that information and putting out a report. Today, I get sales reads every two hours on the enVista platform so we can see down to sales transactions every two hours what the business is doing. It has completely transformed how we do business and our ability to see what’s happening.

Jim Brownell Chief Operating Officer

Why enVista?

enVista’s value comes in their ability to understand the whole spectrum of the solution, not just from a logistics, point of sale or even a technology perspective. They have actually put all those pieces together. It makes it easier for me as a customer not just to do the project but to get it done in a more timely manner and with less expense.