Increase Customer Choice,
Reduce Risk

Strategically leverage vendor drop ship for significant competitive advantage and improved customer service. Drop ship from suppliers or 3PLs to dramatically expand your item assortment and give customers the breadth of inventory options they expect – without tying up working capital on unnecessary costly inventory investments.

enVista has seen so many implementations of different technologies at different scales of retail that they really understand how to create a customized solution that works for your business. This is a firm that can look at your business, jump into your code, understand what your priorities are and tailor a really customized solution that works for you.”

enVista Drop Ship Benefits

Give your customers the breadth and depth of choice they expect. Drop shipping provides an effective way for omni-channel retailers to drive additional sales with very little expense or risk. With enVista, you will:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction - Significantly expand item assortment and SKUs to offer the customers the products they want in the timeframes they expect
  • Reduce Costly Inventory On Hand - Offer and sell more products while circumventing the need to purchase, store and ship additional inventory
  • Drive Sales and Profitability - Strategically leverage a drop ship strategy to exponentially grow online offerings and sales opportunities while testing sales of new SKUs with minimal risk

Why enVista?

  • Faster Time to Value - Enable customer-centric, unified commerce in weeks or months, not years
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Rapidly integrate with existing technology across your network & requires fewer IT resources
  • Improve Data Visibility and Business Intelligence - Obtain a single enterprise view of your customer, inventory, order, item and payment
  • End-to-End Consulting Expertise - Nearly 20 years of experience optimizing omni-channel commerce, supply chains and technology

Power Your Omni-Channel Transformation

enVista's Unified Commerce Platform...

  • Enables buy, fulfill and return anywhere commerce capabilities
  • Maintains one version of the truth for customer, inventory, item, order and payment
  • Delivers optimal, personalized shopping experiences both online and in-store
  • Strategically built as microservices architecture on a multi-enterprise integration framework and a single data model

Unifying Commerce for the World's Leading Brands

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Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is CEO of enVista. His expertise includes all areas within the extended supply chain, including global supply chain network design, strategic facility design, international and domestic transportation management, labor management, organizational change management and supporting supply chain and execution technology. Jim has consulted companies in retail, wholesale distribution and e-commerce industries.