Enhance the post-purchase experience.

Your customers are regularly checking their tracking information. Give them a branded shipping experience with the constant, detailed updates they are looking for. Shipment Experience Management, enVista’s track and trace software, is a robust and easy-to-use order and shipping management system that provides both customers and retailers real-time visibility to order and shipping status.

Deliver convenience and transparency
with every order.

Go above and beyond standard tracking information from the carriers. enVista's Shipment Experience Management helps you automatically communicate delivery updates as soon as the order is processed. This track and trace application helps you:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction - Avoiding late deliveries by resolving issues before they become a problem keeps customers happy
  • Reduce Customer Support Calls - Keeping customers informed helps reduce or eliminate “where’s my order?” inquiries
  • Improve Delivery Processes - Monitor delivery processes with visibility to delivery KPIs, customer feedback and other performance metrics
  • Increase Sales - Embedding product recommendations in order-tracking web pages spurs impulse purchases
  • Enhance Brand Image - Integrating all communications within your branded experience instead of driving customers to a carrier’s website reinforces your brand

Why enVista?

  • Easy to Use and Quick to Set Up - User-friendly interface makes it easy for retailers to set up and customize communications
  • Integrated Platform - Shipment Experience Management is embedded in enVista’s Unified Commerce platform and snaps into the call center application that is a cornerstone for customer satisfaction
  • Transportation Expertise - With nearly 20 years of freight audit and payment experience, we have the expertise required to deliver carrier tracking, performance and event management features
  • Hosted Website - enVista hosts order tracking websites that are consistent with the retailers’ branding

Customer-Obsessed? We Are, Too.

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