Manage product information across all sales channels with PIM software.

Deliver the experience customers expect with seamless product information management. Ensure your product catalog is correct and displayed in real-time across all sales channels and locations. enVista’s cloud-native PIM software integrates with your existing systems, including order management (OMS), eCommerce and point of sale (POS).

enVista's PIM Solution Benefits

enVista’s cloud-native PIM system rapidly integrates with your existing systems, including order management (OMS), ecommerce and point of sale (POS). With enVista, you’ll get:

  • Centralized Product Data Management - Manufacturers, distributors and retailers can push or pull product data from an ERP, eCommerce platform, POS and/or electronic vendor catalog
  • Consistency & Accuracy - Gain greater control over category management of items and attributes (including price management and multiple catalogs) across multiple buy and sell channels (eCommerce, store and warehouse) on any device
  • Improved Efficiencies with Single Click Updates - Add and update unlimited product lists, details, attribute sets and groups with a single click

Why enVista?

  • Faster Time to Value - Enable customer-centric, unified commerce in weeks or months, not years
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Rapidly integrate with existing technology across your network & requires fewer IT resources
  • Improve Data Visibility and Business Intelligence - Obtain a single enterprise view of your customer, inventory, order, item and payment
  • End-to-End Consulting Expertise - Nearly 20 years of experience optimizing omnichannel commerce, supply chains and technology

Power Your Omnichannel Transformation

enVista's Unified Commerce Platform...

  • Enables buy, fulfill and return anywhere commerce capabilities
  • Maintains one version of the truth for customer, inventory, item, order and payment
  • Delivers optimal, personalized shopping experiences both online and in-store
  • Strategically built as microservices architecture on a multi-enterprise integration framework and a single data model

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Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is CEO of enVista. His expertise includes all areas within the extended supply chain, including global supply chain network design, strategic facility design, international and domestic transportation management, labor management, organizational change management and supporting supply chain and execution technology. Jim has consulted companies in retail, wholesale distribution and e-commerce industries.