enVista Makes Dropshipping Simple, Fast and Profitable!

Today’s empowered shoppers want to choose from a multitude of products and delivery options and expect immediacy, convenience and simplicity. Competing against Amazon and other retailers with extensive product offerings is driving more retailers to offer dropship services from their trading partners. The end result is broader product offerings, on-time, accurate shipments to customers, improved customer services and business growth opportunities.

enVista has seen so many implementations of different technologies at different scales of retail that they really understand how to create a customized solution that works for your business. This is a firm that can look at your business, jump into your code, understand what your priorities are and tailor a really customized solution that works for you.”

enVista Dropship Benefits

Give your customers the breadth and depth of choice they expect. Dropshipping provides an effective way for omnichannel retailers to drive additional sales with very little expense or risk. With enVista's dropship software, you will:

  • Increase Profits - Drive incremental sales and improved profitability with reduced inventory carrying and shipping costs
  • Satisfy Customers - Increase customer satisfaction through improved item assortments, reduced out of stocks and transparent order information and real-time updates
  • Accelerate Growth - Scale e-commerce business with minimal investment and risk
  • Evaluate Products - Test new products with minimal risk
  • Reduce Costs - Decrease labor costs of picking, packing and shipping and reduce warehouse, freight services, port operations, LTL and FTL service fees
  • Manage Inventory - Increase inventory visibility and accuracy across all trading partners and marketplaces
  • Manage Vendors - Monitor and manage order tracking, shipping costs and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Speed Orders - Accelerate order processing and improve order cycle times

Why enVista?

  • Robust and Integrated Dropship Platform - enVista’s Dropship software is a SaaS, cloud-based solution and is part of our unified commerce platform
  • Simplified - Seamless integration between Dropship and EDI streamlines vendor onboarding
  • Easy to Use - User-friendly interfaces make it easy for retailers and suppliers to use
  • Low Cost - With EDI/managed file transfer (data orchestration) native to the enVista platform, there is no need for a third-party service (reduced cost, points of failure and complexity)
  • No Cost - No charge for supply side connections makes it easy to add more brands
  • Fast - Average implementation time is 60-90 days
  • Single Partner - enVista’s team of experienced consultants optimize the entire dropship process from strategy to execution and support

Power Your Omnichannel Transformation

enVista's Unified Commerce Platform...

  • Enables buy, fulfill and return anywhere commerce capabilities
  • Maintains one version of the truth for customer, inventory, item, order and payment
  • Delivers optimal, personalized shopping experiences both online and in-store
  • Strategically built as microservices architecture on a multi-enterprise integration framework and a single data model

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Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is CEO of enVista. His expertise includes all areas within the extended supply chain, including global supply chain network design, strategic facility design, international and domestic transportation management, labor management, organizational change management and supporting supply chain and execution technology. Jim has consulted companies in retail, wholesale distribution and e-commerce industries.