Deliver convenience at the curb.

Shoppers want the convenience of quicker access to their purchase and without having to leave their vehicle. enVista’s Curbside Pickup software enables retailers to utilize physical stores as hubs for fulfillment—ultimately placing the product in the hands of the consumer at a much faster rate, and often at a much lower cost to the business.

Currently, curbside delivery is transforming from a popular perk to a public health necessity as many shoppers are trying to avoid as much physical contact as possible. Whether you call it click and collect, grab & go, trunk drop – this element of omnichannel fulfillment is the key to retail success as we step forward.

Optimize inventory visibility and drive more purchases

Retailers need to offer modern conveniences and increase store revenue. enVista's Curbside Pickup platform can offer exactly that:

  • Maximize inventory visibility and positioning - Curbside Pickup allows retailers to fulfill more online orders from inventory they already have, and ideally, from near the point of demand, driving down fulfillment costs.
  • Deliver convenience and choice for your customers - Combine the ease of online and in-app shopping with the immediacy of curbside order collection to meet modern consumer needs.
  • Save on shipping fees - Save on shipping fees as well as any additional packaging costs incurred through the shipping process.

Why enVista?

Our team of retail experts help many leading retailers optimize their processes to make Curbside Pickup transactions streamlined and profitable.

  • Inventory accuracy and visibility - Increase inventory availability and minimize out-of-stocks with systems that offer improved inventory accuracy and visibility.
  • Efficient order picking in the store - Improve the processes for picking merchandise and fulfilling orders from the store to offer a convenient and fast service that delights customers.
  • Determine convenient pick-up area - Ensure the order pick-up area is easy to find and clearly marked so that orders are processed quickly and efficiently.
  • Associate training - Properly train associates to ensure orders are processed efficiently and readily accessible when customers arrive.

Customer-Obsessed? We Are, Too.

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