enVista’s business intelligence dashboards provide visibility to custom KPIs that identify cost-saving opportunities and provide a holistic view of your transportation network.

Companies frequently confess that they are data-rich but information-poor. In an era where companies have access to endless amounts of data via carrier invoice feeds and transportation systems like OMS, WMS and TMS, the universal challenge is integrating all the disparate data sources and transforming the results into dashboards that allow for agile decision-making. Selecting the right BI partner is critical to bridging this gap.

The challenge is that every BI tool has eye-popping graphics, but most do not actually help customers achieve success in creating the agile decision-making visuals they need. It is critical to select a partner that can integrate, transform and visualize transportation data because, without the integration and transformation components, the visualizations are not valuable.

Our executive dashboards will enable real-time decision making. You will gain visibility and insight which will allow you to create efficiencies and reduce costs. These dashboards will support budgeting and predictive cost-modeling efforts.

Our business intelligence dashboard solutions will provide you with:

  • The ability to view shipping spend and trends at-a-glance
  • Graphical representation of key transportation metrics
  • The capacity to monitor shipping trends without sifting through large amounts of data, reducing the time and cost associated with internal analysis
  • The opportunity to identify anomalies and monitor improvement efforts
  • Visibility to actual carrier performance across all carriers to determine the best carrier mix and negotiate improved service levels
  • Personalized Dashboard pages that display critical client KPIs
  • Charts that can be used in presentations, or for improving internal policies and procedures

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Sarah Riblon is Director of Product Management at enVista and has over 15 years of experience developing world-class, global software products in the supply chain and insurance industries. Sarah leads the product vision and product strategy for enVista’s global Transportation Solutions software suite, including myShipINFO, AcceleRATE, enTourage and our business intelligence platform, which is used by our internal associates as well as transportation professionals worldwide, supporting 14 languages and over 168 currencies.

enVista provides business intelligence services that include:

  • Executive Dashboards: Industry-leading visualizations of standard transportation KPIs.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting: Dozens of customizable reports that provide line, shipment and invoice-level detail across carrier data. This allows you to gain insight into accessorial, audit savings, transit time analysis, carrier scorecards, and KPI and GL cost allocation integration.
  • KPI Monitoring: Custom key performance indicator integration through logic-based rules and order-matched integration that links carrier data to supply chain data sources like OMS, TMS and WMS.
  • Data Transformation: Transformation of fields to align with analytical needs, including normalization of zones and service levels, alignment to GL cost allocation logic and an array of KPI-based indicators.
  • Enhanced BI: A customizable data visualization solution that integrates all of enVista’s business intelligence services into the market’s most dynamic BI tool.

Why enVista?

Our consultants bring decades of experience and unrivaled expertise in helping clients achieve maximum transportation savings. enVista’s executive dashboard enables clients to gain visibility and control over their shipping expenses, and make data-driven decisions that reduce transportation spend.