enVista’s strategic carrier sourcing helps you drive cost savings directly to the bottom line, while maintaining or improving service.

In today’s complex rating environment, shippers need valid, flexible, forward-looking analytics to drive decision making. Surveys show that market intelligence and benchmarking is the most valuable asset a shipper can have going into a transportation negotiation project. The visibility and experience enVista has into the transportation markets can make the difference for your company.

Transportation procurement is a cycle, not a discrete project. enVista’s transportation spend management approach ensures your transportation is right-priced both now and in the future.

With our strategic carrier sourcing service, you will optimize your transportation spend across modes and geographies. A formal RFP process for strategic sourcing with professional management drives down costs while maintaining service.

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Joe Wilkinson

Joe Wilkinson is Director of Consulting and has nearly 20 years of experience across all modes of transportation including parcel, LTL, rail, ocean and air freight. Joe works with clients to advance profitability and corporate objectives, optimize and increase efficiencies of transportation and logistics activities, and communicate financial and strategic concepts within the organization.

Our deep experience, including executive carrier experience, gives us valuable insight into how carriers think and, more importantly, how they price.

We can give you valid analytics which account for future-state changes. This is the core of our process. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and accuracy of our toolset.

enVista analyzes every step of the carrier sourcing process by establishing baseline cost models using your carrier data, evaluating and incorporating operational requirements, and establishing cost targets for all material cost drivers based on optimized service standards. All analytics are computed at the package/shipment level, ensuring highly accurate, reliable results. Deep data pools allow us to appraise your company of current market trends and cost variables as they apply to your network, shipping patterns, and freight metrics. Having the right information paired with granular analytics creates a stable foundation from which to negotiate.

enVista’s experts comb through granular changes to routing, service level optimization, packaging and more to create cost scenario models to find the best savings on your transportation spend. Historical shipment level data is adjusted to ensure that savings projections align with where you are going, and not just where you have been. We will be more than just a partner that delivers shipping savings; we will diligently watch your freight spend from every angle, utilizing all of our tools to save costs where possible.

Why enVista?

Over the last 15 years, enVista has negotiated hundreds of carrier agreements and saved our clients over a quarter of a billion dollars. We have boots on the ground in three continents with nearly 100 years of combined experience in carrier operations, pricing and negotiations. Many of our clients have re-engaged us three, four, or even five different times over the years. enVista’s subject matter experts are regularly asked to speak at industry events and to publish in industry trade publications.

enVista is deeply experienced in all manner of transportation analysis, including strategic network design, carrier sourcing, carrier contract analysis and negotiation, and more. Our proprietary software solutions ensure objective, data-driven analysis and decision making. These analytics and consulting services may be project-based as needed, using experts familiar with your operations, business processes and data.