Reduce transportation spend with smart parcel audit services.

enVista’s small package invoice audit captures package level shipment information and ensures invoices are billed to your agreement, invalid accessorial charges and late shipments are credited through the use of proprietary audit tools and our service center.

As e-commerce growth continues to increase, the need for tools to report, audit and control small package spend are paramount to successfully managing your carrier relationships and delivering on customer expectations. Identification of billing, pricing and service failures in real-time is a key aspect of parcel audit. Service center and support teams need to be in place in order to recover expenses which are not valid.

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enVista’s parcel audit services provide many benefits including:

  • Reduce your transportation expense through the identification of late shipments
  • Ensure your shipments are billed to your agreement and that invalid accessorial charges are credited through enVista’s robust small package invoice audit services
  • Normalize spend and package level detail across small package service providers
  • Report on carrier performance, network efficiency and package level information
  • Global support for small package carriers with less sophisticated invoicing capabilities

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

David Wedekind

David Wedekind is Sr. Director, Global Operations at enVista. David is responsible for the implementation and management of all freight and parcel audit customers across enVista’s global offices. In his time at enVista, David has managed multiple TMS implementations from solution design through deployment for retailers, manufacturers and distributors. David is responsible for a team of more than 90 associates worldwide, which have implemented custom audit solutions for hundreds of shippers of all sizes across all industries.

enVista’s utilizes myShipINFO®, a proprietary, cloud-based global freight audit and payment solution.

The enVista team is able to audit and pay freight bills for any mode of transportation to and from any location across the globe, in any currency or language, and turn that information into actionable intelligence for clients to improve end-to-end supply chain operations. To meet the needs of global shippers, enVista employs resources across the globe, including a global headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, United States, an EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) headquarters in Liverpool, England, and an office in Hyderabad, India. This enables enVista to respond to demand for carrier invoice audit and payment services and provide our clients with support at the local and regional levels within a variety of shipping regions across the globe.

enVista’s 44-point parcel audit and 26-point non-parcel audit are the most comprehensive auditing process currently available. enVista is uniquely able to maximize carrier credits and deliver optimal client results through an auditing team with decades of experience and an internal service center. enVista will audit every detail of the freight bill invoice, comparing the actual rates and accessorial charges billed to you with the rates in your tariff(s) on all domestic and international freight shipments. enVista will contest all invalid, incorrect and inaccurate charges on behalf of a client that result from our audit and pay freight bills or provide an Approved Payment Report to the client for payment to the carrier(s), as well as provide a GL Cost Allocation Report (if required).

Why enVista?

We are included in Gartner Research’s top Freight Audit and Payment providers list thanks to our ability to audit over 1.5 million shipments per day. We help clients save 1 to 2 percent of their small package spend. With enVista, you will partner with a team that has developed a best in class parcel audit solution over the last 15 years.

We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive, robust auditing tools in the industry. From tracking delivery failures, to verifying contract rates and incentives, to identifying invalid accessorial charges, enVista provides the maximum refund recovery for our customers. Furthermore, enVista’s executive dashboard enables transportation leaders to tailor the online portal to monitor their internal metrics and KPI’s with optimal visibility.