Find and provide freight cost savings and visibility through optimization and tracking.

Today’s global transportation leaders require real-time visibility to where freight is and when it will deliver along with any exceptions that might occur along the way. Typically this occurs through the implementation of a transportation management system (TMS).

Rising freight costs, lack of visibility (to both incoming shipments and shipments in transit), unpredictable fuel costs and tightening carrier capacity make transportation planning a headache that many organizations don’t have the resources to endure. Our subject matter experts help you optimize your freight spend by planning and executing your shipments through the use of a TMS.

For many companies, transportation operations are simply not a core competency. Additionally, some companies do not have the scale nor the resources required to optimize transportation processes. These companies tend to substantially benefit from sourcing their operations to a more capable managed transportation provider.

Our managed transportation offerings provide you with:

  • Access to real-time visibility into where freight is and when it will deliver
  • The ability to create customizable reports to track freight spend and other KPIs
  • Freight optimization to ensure it is planned and executed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible

With enVista as your managed operations partner, we will help you significantly reduce your transportation expense and ensure that shipments are delivered on time per your customer service requirements.

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Geoff Milsom

Geoff Milsom is Senior Director of enVista’s transportation strategy and consulting services. Geoff has more than 10 years of experience delivering transportation strategy, operations and systems improvements to clients in various industries.

enVista’s managed transportation services are designed to specifically reflect and follow a stringent set of criteria. For example, we advise our clients to retain visibility to underlying transportation costs and maintain direct contact with carriers. Accordingly, our business model is based on the transparency of rates and costs rather than providers who focus on marking up rates. Also, while we identify rate savings opportunities and may recommend carrier changes, carriers contract directly with you; we manage transportation to your selected carriers’ contract terms and conditions.

Our managed transportation services include:

  • Daily Transportation Planning
  • Execution
  • Visibility & Event Management
  • Freight Auditing, Accounting & Payment
  • Reporting

We leverage our established relationships with leading software vendors in the industry to find the best TMS to use based on your freight profile, business requirements, budget and other considerations. Our experienced team of freight operations analysts has the ability to quickly learn a company’s transportation profile and determine the best way to plan freight based on a set of KPIs.

In conjunction with a purposefully selected TMS, our subject matter experts will help you optimally select a carrier, move freight in the right mode and meet performance goals.

Why enVista?

enVista’s specialized consulting team has over 20 years of experience supporting clients with their toughest transportation management system projects. Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the TMS marketplace along with each vendor’s strengths and weaknesses.

With enVista as your consulting partner, you have an experienced team of subject matter experts who have experience with TMS and transportation planning projects.

enVista was also recently named in Gartner Inc.’s Market Guide for the Transportation Management System Integrator Market report.