Reduce administrative overhead and streamline your payables process with a managed, freight payment solution.

Freight payment is a cumbersome, administrative process that requires a unique understanding of the invoicing requirements and service providers, as well as properly submitting invoices to ensure payment obligations are made accurately and timely. Delayed payables and/or incorrect payments result in increased oversight and support from operations and finance and can impact service, pricing and supplier relationships.

We offer a freight payment solution because our customers do not want to issue hundreds of payments to different vendors every single day. Our freight payment team streamlines your payables process, making sure carriers are paid on time and correctly. We provide payment in an integrated way. We have a familiarity with carriers because we deal with them on a daily basis. Our solution and our service team eliminate non-value-added tasks from your payment operations. With enVista acting as your intermediary, your team will spend less time fielding accounts receivable calls from carriers or dealing with reconciliation issues.

Our freight payment service is enabled by our proprietary myShipINFO® software. myShipINFO® is a cloud-based, global freight audit and payment solution that provides greater: shipment visibility, carrier performance monitoring, management reporting, invoice auditing, currency and Value-Added Tax (VAT) visibility, and carrier payment across all modes of transportation.

Our expert freight payment solution will provide you with:

  • Reduced operational and financial administrative time
  • Carrier-approved standardized payment approaches with detailed remittance information and round-trip invoice visibility
  • Limited exposure to financial conversion and risks inherent to the transfer of large sums of money due to the use of using bank accounts in the locations your payments will be made
  • Closed loop on all audit activity with payment accrual data in myShipINFO®
  • Assurance that will be issued to carriers within 24 hours of receipt from client
  • A controlled payment process that ensures your funds are never co-mingled or sent to an unauthorized service provider

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

David Wedekind

David Wedekind is Sr. Director, Global Operations at enVista. David is responsible for the implementation and management of all freight and parcel audit customers across enVista’s Carmel, Indiana, Ellesmere Port, UK and Hyderabad, India offices. David is responsible for a team of more than 90 associates worldwide, which have implemented custom audit solutions for hundreds of shippers of all sizes across all industries.

enVista’s freight payment services are controlled, automated and integrated with service providers to ensure that accurate and timely payments are completed.

Our experienced team of analysts provides carrier solutions that reduce client time spent managing payment exceptions and carrier payment requests. Our proprietary myShipINFO® solution provides carriers and customers real-time visibility to their invoice information at any point in the invoice lifecycle and includes systemic and process controls to prevent inaccurate payment and reduce client overhead.

After payment has been initiated, remittance information is automatically transmitted to carriers. This ensures that carriers have the detail they need to reconcile payments. Currency conversions are not required because payments are made in the carrier’s invoiced currency.

Why enVista?

Your business deserves more than a firm that just obtains refunds. You need a company that can monitor your freight spend and provide recommendations to ensure that you are not leaking money – either by paying charges you should not, paying rates higher than you should or by using an inefficient process.

myShipINFO® is enVista’s private cloud, web-based freight audit & payment solution designed to provide greater shipment visibility, carrier performance monitoring, management reporting, invoice auditing, currency and Value-Added Tax visibility and carrier payment across all modes of transportation around the world. This proven, proprietary solution evaluates carrier services, from source to consumption, and generates cost savings on all shipping modes.

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