Comprehensive financial reporting based on carrier invoice and customer-side data.

You require data visibility beyond the invoice received from a carrier. Having the right visibility allows you to leverage internal data for enhanced audit, GL coding and financial controls. Transportation executives need complete visibility to all transportation expenses, whether they’ve been invoiced and paid, invoiced and processing or shipped but not yet invoiced. Understanding what the actual financial exposure is during a reporting period is paramount to accurately reporting on transportation expenses.

enVista’s financial compliance and visibility solution, myShipINFO® gives you accurate month-end accrual and close processes, accurate GL coding, enhanced exception management, financial controls and vendor compliance reporting. This is accomplished based on your specific transportation spend calendar, allowing for a solution and data-set that is specific to you.

Our financial compliance and visibility service offering allows you to:

  • Implement allocation and exception management processes that allow for transportation spend to be analyzed more thoroughly and increase profitability
  • Identify financial reporting gaps and exception management processes to streamline month-end close and accrual report processes
  • Create operational and financial controls, KPI and vendor/carrier scorecards to more proactively manage your transportation network
  • Reduce administrative support required to produce weekly and monthly financial reporting
  • Combine budget and/or financial data such as product, brand, account and division with audited invoice data

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

David Wedekind

David Wedekind is Sr. Director, Global Operations at enVista. David is responsible for the implementation and management of all freight and parcel audit customers across enVista’s offices. David is responsible for a team of more than 90 associates worldwide, which have implemented custom audit solutions for hundreds of shippers of all sizes across all industries.

enVista’s leading global freight audit and payment solution, myShipINFO®, provides real-time visibility to all transportation expenses.

Our proprietary GL Coding application allows for instant financial analysis and reliable allocation reporting; customers can manage financial exceptions rather than manage the entire transportation spend. No matter how complex the coding or allocation rules, we can model financial rules to promote 99.5 percent reliability in financial reporting.

Why enVista?

We audit over 2,500 unique carriers in 35 countries and multiple languages. Our successes have earned us recognition in Gartner Research’s top FAP providers list. We maintain hundreds of custom GL coding rulesets and financial reporting processes.

We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive, robust auditing tools in the industry. From tracking delivery failures, to verifying contract rates and incentives, to identifying invalid accessorial charges, enVista provides the maximum refund recovery for our customers. Furthermore, enVista’s executive dashboard enables transportation leaders to tailor the online portal to monitor their internal metrics and KPI’s with optimal visibility.