Optimize operations, reduce costs and improve carrier control with ATOM.

As transportation costs continue to rise in today’s volatile supply chain market, it is important for businesses to protect themselves by implementing solutions and strategies to reduce transportation risk and waste. This is especially applicable to small- and medium-sized businesses that rely on less-than-truckload (LTL) and parcel freight. These companies often benefit from a transportation outsourcing model that leverages the expertise of a transportation partner.

enVista’s Advanced Transportation Optimization and Management (ATOM) platform optimizes transportation operations, reduces costs and improves carrier control as an ongoing process. This transportation offering blends all of the solutions shippers need to operate a world-class, optimized global transportation operation for competitive advantage. enVista’s ATOM service platform includes the critical solutions that shippers need to achieve operational excellence and greater efficiency, including strategic sourcing, transportation management system implementation, global freight audit and payment, business analytics, shipping execution and transportation consulting. 

enVista’s exceptional expertise, best-in-class technology and vested partnership approach augment the shipper’s expertise and capabilities and drive continuous improvement. This holistic approach results in increased savings, operational flexibility, resilience, transparency and optimized results. 

Drive efficiency, enhance operational flexibility and improve your bottom line

  • Streamline freight payables processing to hold your cash longer
  • Benefit from continuous process improvement and remain proactive in today’s evolving economic environment and transportation market
  • Gain control over carrier compliance for greater efficiency
  • Leverage advanced analytics for improved decision-making
  • Improve customer service and the ability to compete and deliver in the market
  • Proprietary, all-modes transportation rating engine ensures optimal rates and fulfillment timeframes
  • enVista’s global freight audit and payment (FAP) solution includes custom dashboards, client-specific KPIs and reporting to drive real-time decision-making
  • enVista’s subscription model enables shippers to obtain an end-to-end transportation solution (expertise, technology and infrastructure) without a significant capital outlay to preserve cash and accelerate transportation as a competitive differentiator