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Why enVista EDI?

  • Scalable
  • Reduce trading partner onboarding requirements
  • Straight forward billing and seamless account switch
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Exceptional customer service

Why Now?

When you switch from your current EDI provider to enVista, we will:

  • Waive SaaS subscription fees for 6-months up to 5 trading partners
  • Conduct free EDI assessment
  • Provide a Unified Commerce Platform delivery proposal

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"enVista EDI has made the transition from our previous provider effortless with its highly respected cloud Integration as a Service platform and pre-built maps. Our project was completed in less than 90 days, and we reduced our annual spend by 25%."

Seamlessly Switch to enVista EDI

Go beyond EDI - Manage File Transfer across your entire business and significantly reduce trading partner onboarding time and effort. It's easy with enVista.

For a limited time, switch from your current EDI provider to enVista EDI and get 6-months free*. Now is the best time to improve processes and efficiencies while increasing value and reducing annual spend.

Eligible participants only. Limited to new enVista customers or current enVista customers who are not users of enVista's EDI services. To be eligible, recipient of the offer must currently use an automated EDI solution. Limit one offer per company. In order to receive the free 6-month subscription (180 days from contract start date), recipient must be an executive or senior level decision maker at the recipient's place of employment. Offer valid through January 31, 2019.

When you sign up as a new EDI customer, enVista will:

  • Waive SaaS subscription fees for 6-months (180 days)
    • Includes up to five (5) trading partners in Business Release 1
    • Create a new EDI ISA ID to redirect transactions to your new mailbox
    • Utilize our canonical data format to integrate with our solution
    • Leverage prebuilt maps for: 850, 856, 810
  • Provide an Integration Analyst at no cost to conduct an EDI assessment and review all maps, document types, forecasted transaction volumes, and communication protocols
  • Provide a delivery proposal outlining the value of our Unified Commerce Platform
    • Time to value – 6 weeks is our basic setup implementation time (this is dependent on your trading partner(s) and their ability to meet our timelines)
    • Resource level of effort – estimate for enVista and client
    • Foundational content for Business Release 1
    • Support for all common transaction sets used in manufacturing, distribution, and retail

-Current enVista EDI Customer

*Full Offer Details:

**Terms and Conditions:

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