Improve the performance of your workforce through a training program focused on goal setting, timely feedback, coaching and motivation of your associates.

Associates are the most valued asset of an organization. Onboarding and retention of these associates or temporary workers in a rapid manner requires a formal training program consisting of establishment of clear goals, feedback on performance, coaching and motivation.

The success of your organization is dependent upon your leadership’s abilities and skills of your operations managers to implement such a training program. Yet, most companies fail to teach future leaders how to evaluate the effectiveness of their function within the business at the expense of the day-to-day issues. Our workforce development and training consultants can help you assess and enhance the leadership capacity of your organization. We will work with you to ensure the future success of your business by developing the skills of your employees and next-generation managers.

We can help your employees develop into the future leaders of your organization and provide smooth leadership transition as the company grows.

With our workforce development and training program, your company will see:

  • Improved execution and performance through a formal associate training program
  • Improved supervisor communication skills
  • Improved associate retention
  • Increased support for human capital management initiatives regarding associate training, communication and retention

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Tom Stretar

Tom Stretar brings over 20 years of Supply Chain consulting experience in marketing, sales and implementation of complex supply chain improvement programs. His responsibilities at enVista include overall project management, customer training and delivery of supply chain management projects including: Supply Chain Assessments, Labor Management Implementations, Incentive Pay Programs, Process Optimization, and Slotting. During Tom’s 20+ year career, he has personally developed or managed the delivery of over 250 Labor Performance Management Programs.

Our team of labor management experts will lead you through our proven approach to addressing employee performance in today’s dynamic world of supply chain execution.

Deliver coaching for immediate performance improvement and development of your operations managers. We will support your front line managers by providing operations troubleshooting assistance, identify opportunities for improvement, and teach your operations managers how to use our tools designed to analyze and monitor your warehouse and distribution functions.

Hiring is one of the most critical functions in any organization. But it’s frequently based on gut feelings and hunches rather than the requirements of the job function. We can help you improve the quality and consistency of your new employee hiring.

In conjunction with your supervisor, we will develop and implement action plans to improve your employee’s fundamental skills in receiving, put-away, stock rotation procedures, picking and loading. Safe ergonomic workplace techniques are taught in all of these activities.

We will provide interface assistance for interdepartmental issues between sales, dispatch, warehouse and delivery activities in order to break down barriers and improve communications.

Provide ongoing, follow-up with department heads, supervisors and employees to ensure that the action plans are achieving the desired results.

Why enVista?

Our consultants will help train your employees not only in self-advancement but also how to complete value-added tasks in a safe, efficient and quality conscious manner. Our team will train your leaders in how to coach your associates and provide feedback that is positive, meaningful and appropriate.

We will help you reach immediate and long-term improvement in your warehouse or distribution center managerss leadership ability and performance as well as provide instruction for how your associates can grow themselves throughout their career. We have the knowledge and experience to develop the ideas and opportunities to make your organization the most effective it can be.

We have engaged in over 200 labor management projects with our clients in stores and distribution center environments, helping them achieve anywhere from 10 to 30 percent annual labor savings.