Address a multitude of distribution challenges with an optimized warehouse design and layout.

enVista’s warehouse design solutions unlock insights into your business that enables flexible and integrated solutions to greatly improve your operational performance and generate exceptional return on investment.

We offer a comprehensive warehouse design solution that includes material handling equipment layout, labor analysis, proposed processes, system requirements, and financial analysis and justification.

enVista delivers distribution center designs tailored to your unique supply chain requirements through sound industrial engineering principles linked to business growth projections, real-world operational insights, and solid financial discipline.

By partnering with enVista, you will have a supply chain partner who can clearly translate business requirements and strategy into a robust facility layout design solution that meets the needs of today, as well as the future. We will ensure your distribution center design drives out costs through productivity enhancements, optimizes the use of critical warehousing space, and enables operational flexibility to adapt to changing volumes and requirements.

 Our warehouse layout design experts will provide you with:

  • A solution that supports revenue growth targets through strong service levels
  • A solution that supports margin enhancement through productivity improvements and cost controls
  • Solutions that are financially analyzed and justified
  • Solutions that are evaluated for operational flexibility to allow the business to adapt to changing volumes and sparse labor availability
  • A collaborative design process that educates as well as develops ownership among the project and operations teams

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Mike Kasperski

Mike Kasperski, Managing Partner, leads enVista’s Warehouse Design practice and brings more than 30 years of experience in the material handling industry, including system design and implementation. Throughout his career, Mike has provided material handling solutions for companies such as The Sports Authority, Random House, McGraw Hill, Staples, Kohl’s, Anheuser-Busch, Kimberly Clark, FedEx and many more.

Improve operational data and process areas.

We then validate which baseline parameters align with organizational goals and where disconnects currently exist. From there, multiple material flow analysis (MFA) reports are employed to compile data on current distribution practices, operational costs and key performance indicators (KPI) for comparison to alternative warehouse strategies.

enVista’s proprietary suite of design and slotting tools provides over 80 process area profiles and reports that drive alternative Lean material flow strategies throughout your facility. By systematically applying Lean principles throughout this process, enVista’s project teams identify the solutions that most effectively eliminate current operational deficiencies, decrease waste (MUDA and MURA), improve organizational service levels and reduce costs.

With industry-leading simulation technologies and unparalleled experience, our facility design engineers optimize IT technologies, labor force, material flow, MHE automation, inventory management, and overall supply chain performance to create a facility that will not only exceed today’s performance requirements, but tomorrow’s as well.

Why enVista?

enVista is a single, trusted partner for all aspects of the design and systems implementation phases for your facility. We can provide data-driven facility design modeling, solution-agnostic materials handling solution technology and software evaluation, engineering expertise and a seamless project implementation with unmatched project management.

In today’s highly complex and ever-changing business environment, you need a trusted partner who can help ensure supply chain flexibility while driving out costs and achieving high service levels. enVista is the industry leader in designing distribution centers to meet these demanding requirements. We employ a standardized data-driven approach, collaborative and cross-functional work sessions, and our depth and breadth of consulting and operational experience to derive pragmatic financial and operational design solutions for your business. The result is a facility design specifically tailored to your unique needs both now and into the future.