Built to drive the process in your distribution centers.

Warehouses contain hundreds, if not thousands, of moving parts and without following the proper flow they can fall into a disorganized mess. Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) orchestrate the activity flow within a warehouse or distribution center. In automated material-handling distribution centers WCS integrate with warehouse management systems to provide management and comprehensive visibility to your warehouse.

We offer a single source, objective integration service that best enables your business to select and implement the WCS solution, coupled with the optimal system design, for your business’ warehousing and distribution operation.

enMotion™ warehouse control system is enVista’s user friendly material handling equipment control platform designed to communicate directly with your warehouse management application to keep automated distribution center operations running smoothly.

Key benefits of enMotion WCS:

  • Gain real-time visibility of order fulfillment and product routing
  • Effectively and reliably manage complex, automated material handling systems with minimal downtime
  • Interface easily to a variety of WMS
  • Create dashboards and discover statistics that enable real-time monitoring of facility operations and technologies
  • Utilize a user-friendly and informative Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Easily modified to accommodate changes to your business

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Tom Drivas

Tom Drivas is a 20+ year veteran of the Supply Chain and MHE industries. He has successfully implemented many large-scale, automated MHE and integrated systems in a variety of distribution and order fulfillment operations.

enVista’s methodology for WCS evaluation and selection is partner-focused, objective and unbiased. Consequently, we will closely work with your organization’s operations and IT teams to determine the WCS solution that best meets your business’s operational, technological, financial and schedule requirements.

We have extensive experience in providing holistic integration services that incorporate the best WCS/WES solution in conjunction with the optimal MHE system for your operation. enVista’s cohesive approach yields integrated systems that are best in class.

enVista’s enMotion solution enables web-based, real-time monitoring and control of your automated warehouse from any location, whether you are leveraging a package conveyor system, automatic zone routing, shipping sorter, load planning, multi-lane merge, unit sorter or other system. enMotion also provides operational directions to support auxiliary warehouse tools like Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light, Radio Frequency data transition and Print & Apply through its data management functions.

Available as an out-of-the-box package or highly customized system, enMotion provides organizations:

  • Single contact point for automated warehouse controls
  • Real-time data collection and query solutions
  • Real-time status and user input
  • Carton tracking and auditing
  • Accountability
  • Strong platform for customization

Why enVista?

enVista’s business began with a successful supply chain systems implementation practice more than a decade ago. Today, we implement Tier 1 and Tier 2 supply chain planning and execution systems from leading software providers for retailers, distributor and manufacturers.

Accordingly, enVista consultants bring exceptionally deep technical and functional expertise with the systems we deploy. We know how to integrate them with your existing systems, and how to best leverage them to solve your business requirements.

Our proven methodology (enAble) ensures your project is delivered on time, on budget and according to plan. We partner with you to become valuable members of your team, bringing unrivaled expertise, commitment and passion. As a result, our projects are successful, our clients are referenceable and they return to us time and again for additional expertise and services.

Implementing a point solution offers limited value. enVista enables you to obtain more from your investments by defining process improvements and integrating the right best-in-class supply chain planning and execution solutions to enable them. We look forward to partnering with you.