We prioritize transportation opportunities for operations, processes, technology and systems.

A transportation group has to react to many internal and external forces in both large and growing operations. Whether it’s challenges managing the physical, informational, or financial flows, there is no shortage of places to look for improvement opportunities. Improvements that can lead to better visibility, lower cost, increased customer service, more scalable solutions, and happier operators.

During a transportation assessment, we help shippers and logistics service providers prioritize key opportunities in their transportation operations. Shippers and logistics service providers are in a dynamic environment – new business models are emerging, mergers & acquisitions are on the rise, technology is evolving rapidly, and customer service requirements are expanding. Additionally, legacy systems and processes need to support the changes today and those on the horizon. It is not uncommon to find yourself behind the curve in terms of enabling technologies and processes; however, prioritizing your opportunities and the approach is the first step. enVista helps clients understand what competitors and the market are doing to stay ahead.

Defining, prioritizing, and quantifying the opportunities is the first step.

We help our clients:

  • Understand the physical, information, and financial flows in their transportation operation
  • Identify operational, process, and systems improvement opportunities
  • Estimate the value of improvement opportunities (planning, process, service, system, etc.)
  • Estimate the cost to deliver identified improvement opportunities
  • Develop a road map of projects to deliver the highest ROI opportunities

Our assessment process begins with developing a Spend Diagram.

This reflects our learnings about client move types and costs, illustrating where money is being spent and for what services. Along with an understanding of processes, the analytics underlying the Spend Diagram are key to opportunity identification to chart a path forward for broader projects and initiatives throughout the supply chain.

We understand the broader business, and how transportation supports that broader strategy. In addition to interviewing executives and managers, we also sit down with the operators to understand their current state processes – this is what we call the three actuals – the actual people, doing the actual process, in the actual place.

We review the information that flows through these processes in both structured system to system integration as well as unstructured ways (email, spreadsheet, and faxes) to understand the opportunities that exist and discover where visibility is lacking.

We help to define and prioritize the near, medium, and longer-term initiatives, as well as the specific challenges associated with getting there. There is often “low hanging fruit” that can be ascertained through simple process change; however, there are typically technology gaps that might require systems enablement or modifications.

Our teams come from an operational background, and, paired with knowledge acquired about the market and available solutions (TMS, FMS, VRS, Telematics, GTM, etc.), they are specifically suited to translate requirements to vendor capabilities to create an appropriate list of providers and estimate the cost of capturing the improvements.

Why enVista?

enVista brings unparalleled transportation experience, from assessments to designing and implementing solutions. We have a proven track record of success reducing transportation costs from source to consumption and are passionate about helping clients run more efficient and profitable operations.

We are deeply experienced in all manner of transportation analysis, including: strategic network design, carrier sourcing, carrier contract analysis and negotiation, and more. Our proprietary software solutions ensure objective, data-driven analysis and decision making. These analytics and consulting services may be project-based as needed, using experts familiar with your operations, business processes and data.