Envision a future state and then plan, prepare and execute supply chain transformation to achieve your vision.

Supply chain teams must understand why a transformative initiative is important to the business, what needs to be done to enable the transformation and how to organize execution against the initiative.

Our Transformation Planning service will enable:

  • Expertise to execute a transformation from a siloed organization to one that contributes to overall transformation profit and customer loyalty
  • A unified, efficient team which aligns across the enterprise
  • An understanding of your current gaps and how to effectively close those gaps while driving continuous improvement

enVista will help you answer the question of why it’s important to take action to change and start moving your supply chain in a different direction. Part of the process will be to assess your current activities to understand which of those need to stop or continue and which potential new activities should start in order to best enable your team to pursue a transformation strategy. Utilizing Transformation Planning helps align supply chain goals and KPIs with your organization’s future state requirements as well as plan those initiatives with focus and in a building block fashion.

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Broc Pittsford

Broc Pittsford has over 18 years of experience in leading large project teams, including customer and vendor resources, to implement and integrate supply chain solutions to deliver business needs. Broc has a successful track record of implementing supply chain solutions for mid-market to Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries in the US, Canada, and Europe.

enVista’s proprietary process draws information and ideas from your leadership team prior to a two-day transformation planning event.

enVista will summarize and categorize your team’s feedback to prepare and focus discussions and the decision-making process. Our seasoned supply chain executives will facilitate your planning event and will draw out additional ideas and challenge paradigms that may be holding your team back from achieving the full potential. Our transformation solution package will result in a full plan of accountability with focused initiatives and a well-crafted communication plan to your organization.

Why enVista?

enVista’s commits our most seasoned executives to lead the Transformation Planning event for your executive team. Our executives have all held senior leadership roles in large corporations and are exposed to multiple industries and companies through their roles with enVista. The broad-based experience and proven Transformation Planning process are key components to facilitating your team to think outside of the box and setting a trajectory for true transformation.