Drive business growth with strategic supply chain network optimization.

Today, many companies face a challenge that seems burdened with contradiction: how to reduce transportation and operations costs while increasing customer service levels. Designing the right global supply chain network provides a solution to both issues. Although there are many factors to consider when designing a supply chain network, with the right partner, the process is not overly complicated. The key is to analyze your network across the entire supply chain spectrum from source to consumption.

With solid, proven methodologies and the right modeling tools, enVista is an expert resource for solving complex supply chain network problems. We work with a broad range of industry verticals, and while specific industry challenges differ, many of the variables impacting network design remain the same, including:

  • What are the optimal numbers, locations and capacities of suppliers, plants and production lines and processes?
  • What are the right numbers, locations and sizes of distribution centers, cross docks, branch warehouses, etc.?
  • What is the best way to assign customers and products to distribution centers?
  • How do changes to production and distribution capabilities impact cost and service?



7 Signs It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Your Network Strategy

re-evaluate network strategy infographic

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Davison Schopmeyer

Davison Schopmeyer is Senior Managing Partner of enVista’s Consulting practice and COO of the company. Davison brings more than 25 years of experience in leading strategy, consulting and software implementations that drive value to the bottom line. At enVista he is responsible for the consulting practices across all practices across all areas in Supply Chain, ERP, and CRM. He strives to gain the most value from strategies and software in implementations.

Our supply chain strategy consultants will:

  • Determine overall execution level of your current network
  • Model optimization and alternatives to your network
  • Identify the best locations to store and distribute products
  • Select the best mix of inventories to hold when and where

We leverage our vast array of industry-leading practices in inventory optimization, Lean process improvement, transportation management, facility design and solutions implementations to deliver a solution that is both fact-based and enables the competitive goals of the business. We uncover hidden costs of managing your network and find ways to reduce time and inventory holding by right-sizing stock and stock locations. Ultimately, we will arrive at a supply chain network strategy that will align supply chain operations with overall business strategies.

Why enVista?

The key to designing an effective supply chain network is having supply chain strategists with years of experience on your team. That is what you get with enVista. We will help you minimize costs while maintaining service and maximize results.