Reduce non-value-added processes within your store operations.

Battling mounting competition, a sluggish economy and ongoing cost pressure makes managing brick-and mortar stores tougher than ever. Add to that, the challenges associated with online shopping and the rising cost of labor, today’s smart retail decision-makers are looking for new, cost-effective strategies to improve the entire customer experience while eliminating inefficiency and waste. Their goal, like enVista’s store operations consulting team, is to drive growth, customer loyalty and profitability in retail stores through process improvement.

enVista can deliver targeted, cost-effective process improvement at the store level, the very heart of retail, where customers come face-to-face with sales personnel and merchandise.

Benefits of Store Operations Productivity Program:

  • Reduced operating costs due to the elimination of all non-value-added activities
  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
  • Identification of opportunities to reallocate labor hours to selling activities or reduce payroll
  • Improved scheduling to customer demand
  • Improved customer service through the elimination of barriers that prohibit the pursuit of total customer satisfaction with internal and external customers
  • Improved management practices of store operations
  • Improved productivity based on best practices, preferred methods, and labor standards
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Establishment of clear job performance expectations

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Tom Stretar

Tom Stretar brings over 20 years of Supply Chain consulting experience in marketing, sales and implementation of complex supply chain improvement programs. His responsibilities at enVista include overall project management, customer training and delivery of supply chain management projects including: Supply Chain Assessments, Labor Management Implementations, Incentive Pay Programs, Process Optimization, and Slotting. During Tom’s 20+ year career, he has personally developed or managed the delivery of over 250 Labor Performance Management Programs.

We deliver targeted, cost-effective process improvement at the store level, the very heart of retail, where customers come face-to-face with sales personnel and merchandise.

Like our proven strategies for distribution centers, our experts develop cost-saving, time-saving, satisfaction-enhancing solutions for store operations, thanks to the combination of our data-driven supply chain tools and our experienced talent in front-line retail operations.

Using enVista’s proven Consult, Implement, Operate (CIO) approach, plus our wealth of labor and systems knowledge, our services are tailor-made to improve operational processes and overcome the toughest retail challenges with optimum results. Using proven, Lean Six Sigma tools along with education and training, we work alongside your employees and subject matter experts. We use this collaborative, problem-solving approach to identify real opportunities and develop workable solutions. Then we test those solutions, scale them and then help you implement those solutions.

Why enVista?

Because we offer expertise in both retail and distribution, we can help cross-functional teams overcome barriers and build ongoing relationships. We help diverse groups of employees find their common ground and build optimal, efficient solutions that benefit all participants as well as the business as a whole. We can also tap enVista’s vast expertise in labor standards, management, systems and logistics to open more doors to enterprise competitiveness and profitability.