enVista integrates your sales and operations team for better visibility of pipeline and resources.

In today’s world, a manufacturer or distributor’s ultimate formula for success is offering the items its customers want, where and when they want them. Current logistics and technology capabilities make successful sales and operations planning more attainable than ever before. The question is, at what cost and rate of return?

enVista provides manufacturers and distributors the answers to these questions by helping them attain significant savings, inventory reductions and efficiencies through the optimization of their supply chain network.

Our team focuses on how to best synchronize supply with demand, while improving commitment to customers and holding suppliers accountable. enVista helps customers bridge the gap between the traditional sales and operations planning as an exercise compared to using the forecast during daily order promising as well as measuring the accuracy of your forecasting process.

Companies that integrate sales and operations planning (S&OP) into their daily planning and execution are equipped to address order forecast anomalies as well as production and capacity limitations.

These same companies may not always fulfill 100 percent of the ordered quantity as requested, but they make accurate promises to their customers based upon customer priority, profit margin and supplier capacity.

Sales and operations planning: What is it?

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is the process by which a business achieves long-term synchronization across every stage of the supply chain. The two goals of S&OP are to align business objectives across departments and to match consumer demand with supply from manufacturers. This is accomplished through careful planning and execution across business departments to provide a holistic approach to supply chain management and operations.

Benefits of S&OP

S&OP’s virtue lies largely in its holistic approach. The overarching view helps organize business operations across the board, affecting almost every piece of an organization. For example, synchronization between departments can reduce the time needed to fulfill an order, allowing it to arrive faster and improve overall customer satisfaction. Cutting inventory costs by gaining a better view of supply versus demand similarly can cut costs overall, helping a business become more profitable and efficient. 

The S&OP process touches and improves aspects across the business, allowing it to thrive like never before.

Our Sales and Operations Planning process will enable your company to:

  • Optimize production and inventory costs
  • Synchronize between departments
  • Increase customer satisfaction by syncing your supply with demand
  • Lower costs by applying the correct resources in order to meet demand
  • Develop better accountability and teamwork by decreasing functional boundaries within your organization

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Davison Schopmeyer

Davison Schopmeyer is a Senior Managing Partner of enVista’s Consulting practice and COO of the company. Davison brings more than 25 years of experience in leading strategy, consulting and software implementations that drive value to the bottom line. At enVista, he is responsible for the consulting practices including Supply Chain, ERP, and CRM.

Our expert consulting team helps facilitate the interaction between your sales, financial and operations teams so that your organization becomes effectively aligned.

Once your teams have been aligned, we will focus on change management. The biggest aspect of change management in this case is getting your associates to work together instead of keeping information within their own silos. By showing the impacts of how a sales plan can impact your operations plan, and how those align to result in greater financial prospects, you will see that everything is interconnected.

The process begins with data gathering to understand your business and business practices. We will evaluate your product flow and distribution centers, looking at overall demand relative to overall inventory relative to the length of time it takes for your inventory to get to a distribution center. One of the things our team is looking for during this phase is the variability of your demand. We will then use variance as a tool to help forecast your future demand.

We will look for the most pragmatic solution possible for your organization, considering timing, cost and ease of implementation.

Why enVista?

We understand the issues facing each area of your organization. Through the sales and operations planning process we will become intimately involved in your organization and we will be able to communicate your value more effectively across the board.

We have a range of expertise across technologies, processes and strategies, so we have a holistic view of what your company needs to do. Our consultants are all operators first. They have run operations and worked on problems like the ones you are experiencing. We take a pragmatic solution approach, as we search for the solution that best addresses your issues – not just the one that is easiest to sell or implement.