Align your purchasing and sourcing strategy with your entire supply chain and inventory strategy.

A purchasing and sourcing strategy focuses on evaluating the purchasing activities of your company and aligning that activity with your inventory as well as demand. This can be an overwhelming task, when determining whether to continue to source domestically vs. internationally or from a single source vs. multiple sources. Our consultants can help.

We can determine the best time to make source changes as well as detect how a purchasing strategy needs to be affected to remain aligned with inventory on hand, and in relation to demand.

Two of the main determinations we can help you make are domestic vs. international sourcing and single vs. multiple sources.

Single vs. Multi Source

A single source supplier can lock that source into working with your business, while using multiple sources can provide a greater cost benefit. But that doesn’t automatically make it right for your business.

Domestic vs. International Sourcing

A domestic vendor will allow you to place your inventory close to where it will be sent to fulfill orders. International vendors can be cheaper; however, the lead times will be much longer as your inventory will have to cover significantly greater distances. We will help you determine which approach fits your business best.

Key benefits of engaging our purchasing and sourcing strategy consultants:

  • Alignment of your purchasing and sourcing strategy with inventory as well as your supply chain network
  • Better utilization of your inventory and supply chain
  • Improved benefits in negotiations with vendors

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Davison Schopmeyer

Davison Schopmeyer is Senior Managing Partner of enVista’s Consulting practice and COO of the company. Davison brings more than 25 years of experience in leading strategy, consulting and software implementations that drive value to the bottom line. At enVista, he is responsible for the consulting practices including Supply Chain, ERP, and CRM. He strives to gain the most value from strategies and software in implementations.

The first phase of our purchasing and sourcing strategy consultation is to perform an overall inventory analysis.

This is completed irrespective of vendor. We will analyze where your inventory is sitting and where it is going, the velocity of your inventory and look at the demand relative to the amount in your inventory, as well as the consistency of your demand.

This analysis will determine how fast your product is moving through your supply chain. We will create a sourcing strategy based on how fast or slow your product is moving and in a way that best suits your service level agreements you are seeking to maintain with your customers.

Purchasing and sourcing strategy will help you determine how to manage your inventory. Once we have determined the variance in your demand, we will focus on building a strategy on how to deal with that demand (e.g., if your product is consistently fast moving, it needs to be as close to your customers as possible).

This analysis will show you what your current state looks like as well as what it could look like in the short term with our recommended changes to your purchasing and sourcing strategy. We will create a transition plan for these changes as well as demonstrate where your company could be in the long term (three to five years).

Why enVista?

We have a range of expertise across technologies, processes and strategies so we have a holistic view of what your company needs to do. Our consultants are all operators first. They have run operations and worked on problems like the ones you are experiencing. We take a pragmatic solution approach, searching for the solution that best addresses your issues – not just the one that is easiest to sell or implement.