Improve associate labor productivity performance and reduce costs with a labor standards database.

Retail and supply chain leaders require real-time visibility into labor performance metrics to ensure productivity and profitability targets are attained in today’s omni-channel environment. enVista’s implementation of preferred work methods, in conjunction with a comprehensive change management training program, and accurate productivity goals based on industrial engineering principles, form the foundation of a labor management program that helps companies achieve increased performance and profitability.

Benefits of leveraging a labor standards database:

  • Understanding of labor forecasting and scheduling needs with workforce management tools to ensure the existing labor resources are optimized to reduce overtime and labor costs
  • Reduced onboarding and training ramp-up time through a proactive comprehensive training and change management program
  • Easy access to real-time dashboards and reports to provide immediate feedback to supervisors and employees regarding task management and their team and individual performance
  • Understanding of cost to serve requirements based on unique customer shipping and receiving in today’s omni-channel supply chain
  • Ability to offer an incentive-based compensation program, leading to reduced turnover, lower cost per unit and increased productivity

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Tom Stretar

Tom Stretar brings over 20 years of Supply Chain consulting experience in marketing, sales and implementation of complex supply chain improvement programs. His responsibilities at enVista include overall project management, customer training and delivery of supply chain management projects including: Supply Chain Assessments, Labor Management Implementations, Incentive Pay Programs, Process Optimization, and Slotting. During Tom’s 20+ year career, he has personally developed or managed the delivery of over 250 Labor Performance Management Programs.

Our experienced industrial engineering team will utilize Lean principles to identify and drive out waste in your retail and distribution processes.

We will develop preferred work methods and train your staff in how to perform the processes in a safe, efficient and quality-conscious manner. Using Master Standard Data (MSD) or Time Study technique, we will develop engineered labor standards or reasonable expectations to measure facility, shift, team, individual and/or task performance.

We will assist in the configuration, training and usage of internal or commercially based labor management systems. Our team will train your leaders in how to coach your employees and provide feedback that is positive in nature, meaningful and appropriate.

Our engineered standards associated with each function measure actual work completed against established benchmarks, making it easy to determine where resources need to be allocated for increased productivity and visibility, improved service levels and associate motivation, and reduced overall labor costs.

Why enVista?

Our team has been engaged in over 200 labor management projects in store and distribution center environments. In those projects we have helped our clients achieve 10 to 30-plus percent annual labor savings.

Our labor management team of more than 20 experts experienced in leading labor management systems such as enCompass, Easy Metrics, Info, BlueYonder, Manhattan and Next View. We are certified in MSD and Time Study implementation approaches in the development of engineered labor standards or reasonable expectations.