Enhance workforce performance and increase profitability through LMS selection and implementation.

Facilities only operate at 60-70 percent of their potential without a labor management system (LMS).

A LMS is a Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solution that calculates the expected time a task should take, provides real-time feedback and measures and reports effectiveness. It’s important to note that this is a people-based program, not merely an IT project. Our expert consultants follow our proven enABLE™ methodology to ensure that you have not only a successful LMS implementation, but also a winning long-term solution, delivered on time and on budget.

Generally speaking, LMS implementations give companies improved manpower planning and scheduling, reduced dependency on temporary labor, reduced overtime, improved customer service and optimized use of systems and equipment. Employees tend to be more motivated and have clearer goals thanks to feedback offered by supervisors and the LMS. There is reduced variability of task performance, improved employee morale and retention, and enhanced communication between employees and management.

These benefits begin to accrue for some organizations in as little as 12 weeks from implementation.

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Benefits of enVista’s labor management system implementations include:

  • Strategic framework for Lean process improvement
  • Reduced costs through better planning and scheduling
  • Motivated employees with clear goals and feedback
  • Trained associates in ergonomically sound, safe methods
  • Improved quality metrics
  • Increased volume throughput

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Tom Stretar

Tom Stretar brings over 20 years of Supply Chain consulting experience in marketing, sales and implementation of complex supply chain improvement programs. His responsibilities at enVista include overall project management, customer training and delivery of supply chain management projects including: Supply Chain Assessments, Labor Management Implementations, Incentive Pay Programs, Process Optimization, and Slotting. During Tom’s 20+ year career, he has personally developed or managed the delivery of over 250 Labor Performance Management Programs.

enVista clients benefit from the quality and continuity of a dedicated, experienced team. First, we identify operational requirements as they pertain to the overall business strategy. Then we map out an effective and seamless implementation plan. Finally, we ensure an efficient operation and a well-trained user team capable of leveraging the new technology solution. We partner closely with clients through all phases of development and deployment to ensure proper knowledge transfer.

The core of our implementation success is our proven enABLE™ methodology, which consists of four key phases of implementation:

  • Assess. We objectively evaluate clients’ operational requirements to determine how to resolve business challenges and gaps through project planning, conducting a baseline education, defining the requirements, conduct conference room pilot planning and a conference room pilot.
  • Build. Along with you, we execute upon the system design through a combination of technicaly development and best-in-class operational process changes.
  • Learn. We place a great deal of importance on training and application testing. Our methodology is designed to effectively transition knowledge to the client through mentoring and guidance.
  • Execute. We execute on the project plan and begin using the solution in a live environment. Post-implementation support addresses any system challenges, stabilizing the workforce and ramping the operation to standard throughput levels.

Why enVista?

enVista consultants work with you on all aspects of your LMS implementation, including business process validation (or the development of new business processes), project direction, software rollout, configuration, testing and training. Our team will utilize their experience from more than 200 prior labor management projects.

Our Lean process improvement approach emphasizes the deployment of manufacturing and distribution best practices through operations improvements, productivity tracking, engineered labor standards and payroll incentives – across your entire facility. It provides all the tools necessary to measure each manufacturing and warehouse activity, ensuring every workforce is performing at its full potential.

enVista commits dedicated client project teams to ensure seamless system implementations and go-lives. By continuously transferring knowledge and through focused training, system users are prepared to run at full speed upon project completion. The result: a thriving, optimized and fully integrated operation.

Most importantly, our ability to work with your associates at all levels fosters enhanced buy-in and participation by encouraging trust, open communication, and a spirit of respect and cooperation.