Facility program management brings unity to your team, project schedule and communication leading to on-time project completion and a reduction of costly delay.

Effective facility program management alleviates costly and time-consuming errors and streamlines the overall facility design endeavor. A single facility design project is made up of perhaps dozens of individual projects which together form the overall facility design program. Implementing an overarching program management strategy during the planning phase of a facility design program will help ensure that critical steps are not overlooked and discovered down the line.

Complex facility builds, transitions and business transformation initiatives have endless details that are impossible to manage without a single accountable program manager. Program management is most successful when led by a program manager who brings accountability and structure to your project teams. A single source of accountability ensures the success of the entire team and that your experts are aligned to aid in your program’s completion. Program management has the singular focus of integrating all project aspects to streamline cross-functional work, minimize overlap and confusion and ensures an on-time, on-budget and high quality deliverable.

enVista’s Supply Chain Solutions practice provides expertise in your facility design projects through our Program Management consultants. Our consultants are able to help with the technical and engineering-based aspects of your project. Many companies can provide an internal program manager with the proper certification, but that does not necessarily mean they have a technical understanding of how the business works.

Program management allows you to keep your internal talent focused on running your business and have a single point of contact in charge of efficiently tying together project work streams and tasks to make sure even your most complex programs are a success. The use of an effective program manager increases communication among internal talent to avoid team member confusion, build team unity and quickly take a system of projects through to completion. Program management also reduces lag time between tasks by properly ordering and executing project workstreams leading to reduced completion time and an overall reduction in costs.

Design of a complex facility build program only gets you half-way to the finish line. The true challenge is in planning and conversion from the current state to the newly designed future state. How many programs have failed before they even got started? Implementing change within facility operations is one of the hardest things for an organization to accept. Organizations, like people, do not accept change very well. There is a fear of the unknown. Will it work? How will the change affect associate’s roles? Why change if it’s not broken? These are all valid concerns which can be address by program management.

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Mike Kasperski

Mike Kasperski, Managing Partner, leads enVista’s Facility Design practice and brings more than 30 years of experience in the material handling industry, including system design and implementation. Throughout his career, Mike has provided material handling solutions for companies such as The Sports Authority, Random House, McGraw Hill, Staples, Kohl’s, Anheuser-Busch, Kimberly Clark, FedEx and many more.

enVista’s experienced team of Program and Project Managers know how to maximize your team’s skill sets and keep team members accountable.

We can provide an experienced Program Management team that understands the complexities of project management and has the vision to drive your project to on-time, on-budget and high-quality completion. An enVista Program Manager has a large team of experts at their disposal giving the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of subject matter experts to solve any project issues that arise.

Program management provides a comprehensive view of the entire program. The program manager’s responsibility is to have knowledge of all the projects and to make sure that various project’s goals do not interfere with one another. This means that the program manager will have a 360 degree view of the program and be sure that the projects are working in concert to achieve a singular goal.

Program Management Services


Why enVista?

With enVista’s program management offering, you will get a program manager who is an engineer and someone who can aid in your project from the planning phase to completion. enVista consultants understand distribution centers, have worked in them, and have been involved in their design phase. Our program managers will work directly with your core team to assemble a master project schedule and be responsible for ensuring accountability for all team members and driving the project to completion.