Deliver supply chain cost reduction and business revenue growth through the optimization of distribution center operations and facility design.

Distributors are searching for meaningful ways to increase productivity in their distribution process as both SKUs and demanding customers rise. Optimizing your distribution center can help.

The process not only lowers costs and maximizes flexibility to meet evolving multi-channel requirements, but even more specifically, it can identify the best financial decisions between lower capital, manual solutions versus more capital, automated solutions.

We will help you devise a plan for how to fill labor needs during peak times while meeting budgetary requirements that are disconnected from demand patterns. One of the first steps in distribution center optimization is assessing whether there are effective systems in place to control your inventory and distribution processes. We will work with you to plan an improvement roadmap for your distribution operations.

Distribution center optimization can provide many key benefits to your organization:

  • Optimize distribution costs and capacities through improved process flow, better use of current WMS and elimination of wasteful activities
  • Incorporate distribution capabilities and flexibilities to meet various channel requirements through the appropriate selection of material handling technologies and processes
  • Identify areas for operational improvement and where new technologies and automation can be applied to improve service to customers and overall cost structure
  • Forecast future uses and design requirements based on customer and product line growth expectations

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Mike Kasperski

Mike Kasperski is a Senior Managing Partner of enVista’s Facility Design Build Services and Principal owner of enVista. For over 30 years, Mike has helped companies understand their manufacturing, engineering, integration, sales and executive management. Mike has successfully helped companies in the material handling industry specializing in system design and implementation. Mike’s knowledge he’s gained through experience allows him to contribute valuable insight when designing a solution.

enVista’s industry-leading DCModel methodology ensures an accurate and robust design criteria dataset that efficiently leads to a facility design solution tailored to your unique business needs.

enVista’s distribution center optimization experts will assess your current state related to people, process, and technology. This, when combined with the expectation of future business demands, helps create a solution roadmap that maximizes short-term wins and takes an intelligent approach to longer-term solutions.

With the rapid growth in SKUs, wholesalers and distributors are finding it hard to make informed decisions about their operations. This drives the need for the smarter use of labor, equipment, and technology, factoring in costs savings, labor efficiency, and space constraints.

As a company plans for the competitive landscape, developing your facility strategy around customer service and order fulfillment is the first step. Not all solutions are one size fits all. The DC optimization process may be costly, especially up front, but can pay big dividends if designed and implemented correctly. Balancing people, processes and technology is the key to managing the solutions that best fit your requirements. You’ll quickly achieve cost savings and be able to better serve an even bigger landscape.

Our project team will collaboratively facilitate the assessment and solution roadmap process throughout our engagement while involving and educating your team.

Why enVista?

We have successfully completed projects for many leading retailers and distributors including Hibbett Sports, Sports Authority, ECCO, Dansko, Horizon Hobby, Sephora, M&F Western, Provide Commerce and many more. The marriage of deep supply chain consulting and third party systems integration, combined with more than 30 years of design build and cost justified engineering experience is a game changer for enVista clients and the industry, enabling companies to partner with a single point of contact for program management, team process optimization, and facility engineering to build. The result is streamlined facility design build projects that require fewer resources, faster time to beneficial use, and a single partner accountable for project success.