Maximize your DC liquidation sales potential and protect your assets by utilizing our proven liquidation management services.

Liquidating existing MHE assets can be a daunting task. Not only must you sell the equipment, but you must also consider the requirements for exiting the facility. How fast can it be torn out, and what about the facility or space that you are vacating? Floors, electrical runs, air systems, work stations, temporary offices, network cabling, etc. all have to be removed or addressed per the owners exit specifications.

One of the hardest parts of a distribution center liquidation and de-installation is the documentation and taking inventory of every asset and being able to knowledgeably highlight the high value items. Our experts can help with that as well as run the bid process in a way that maximized the overall sale of your assets at the highest possible rate of return.

enVista’s team has the experience working with vendors in order to keep the project on schedule and ensure that only assets purchased are being removed. Our MHE experts have experience decommissioning MHE systems in a way that meets your contractual obligations.

A well-documented, detailed distribution center liquidation plan executed by an experienced staff can make this challenging task a much simpler one.

Benefits of using our distribution center liquidation and de-installation consulting experts:

  • We will create accurate drawings and bill of materials list for assets.
  • We will run a competitive bid process which maximizes overall return.
  • We will manage the decommissioning and ensure that all contractual obligations are satisfied.
  • We will ensure that the project stays on schedule and clear out our resources prior to the move out date.

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Mike Kasperski

Mike Kasperski, Managing Partner, leads enVista’s Facility Design practice and brings more than 30 years of experience in the material handling industry, including system design and implementation. Throughout his career, Mike has provided material handling solutions for companies such as The Sports Authority, Random House, McGraw Hill, Staples, Kohl’s, Anheuser-Busch, Kimberly Clark, FedEx and many more.

Our distribution center liquidation and deinstallation plan includes in four basic steps:

  • Assessment: We begin by taking a comprehensive assessment of all the equipment in your facility. The equipment will then be categorized by residual value and documented in a spreadsheet known as the Bill of Material (BOM). This list is then reviewed to confirm the BOM accuracy.
  • RFQ: A request for quotation (RFQ) outlines all the requirements that you and the re-use vendors must follow during the bidding and de-installation process.
  • Bidding: The RFQ will be extended to vendors to open the bidding on the MHE. Vendors will be invited to walk through the facility to assess the equipment for sale. Vendors are given a deadline to submit their bids. An enVista project manager (PM) will manage the collection of the bids. There will be several rounds of bidding until you agree to accept final bids or the deadline occurs. Winning bidders are then notified and the equipment de-installation begins.
  • Management: An enVista PM will be appointed to manage the entire de-installation from start to finish. The PM will ensure that the work is completed on time and within project guidelines. The PM will enforce and ensure safety and plant standards and has the final sign-off responsibilities for de-installation close-out.

Why enVista?

Our proven Asset Liquidation program has returned existing equipment owners more than just capital but also reduced timelines and confusion. Our detailed RFQ and deliverables provide a clear scope with “rules of engagement” to the potential vendor(s). enVista eliminates the confusion and misinterpretations as to what is in or out of scope for these vendors.

By reverse engineering the process, our team of facility design experts can seamlessly manage your entire asset liquidation, from start to finish. enVista brings extensive knowledge of the used equipment market and a deep expertise in the installation and de-installation of MHE, as well as facility close out requirements. Utilizing a proven MHE installation methodology for de-installation projects, enVista’s team will partner with you to provide not only maximum return on your equipment but also a well-planned, cohesive facility exit, meeting both your financial and timeframe goals for the asset liquidation project.

enVista provides maximum return with minimal client involvement. Our services provide a professional process of selling and removing used MHE from a facility.