Use historical demand patterns to determine what stock should be kept on hand in order to drive a better application of your resources.

To meet omni-channel service requirements and sales targets, you need to be able to consistently offer the right product, through the right channel, at the right time, place and price.  Optimal demand planning and forecasting tools are crucial to do so. Understanding demand variability and what shapes this demand is key to selecting the appropriate demand planning and forecasting solution.

enVista’s experienced retail practice helps companies review historical demand patterns by SKU, seasonality, promotion, physical location and channel. The result: a demand plan forecast with the correct amount of stock required to meet fluctuating demand, taking into consideration variables such as safety stock, service levels and dynamically changing promotions and/or stocking strategies.

If you know your demand forecast, you can identify what kind of volume to expect when and where so you can allocate your resources correctly to accomplish your business objective: getting the right product to the right place at the right time.

enVista’s demand planning and management consultants will help you achieve:

  • Inventory cost savings
  • Improved cycle times and turns on inventory
  • Increased accuracy in your future financial plan
  • Better application of resources to a more accurate demand forecast
  • Alignment of resources to your supply and demand
  • Better utilization of resources and inventory

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Davison Schopmeyer

Davison Schopmeyer is Senior Managing Partner of enVista’s Consulting practice and COO of the company. Davison brings more than 25 years of experience in leading strategy, consulting and software implementations that drive value to the bottom line. At enVista, he is responsible for the consulting practices, including Supply Chain, ERP, and CRM.

Demand planning and management optimizes the flow of inventory throughout the supply chain to dramatically improve customer service and reduce inventory carrying costs. enVista’s highly experienced team collaborates with you throughout the process to understand your business goals and requirements. Retailers strategically focused on improving demand planning and forecasting experience great savings from reducing unnecessary safety stock, while improving sales.

Enabling technology is often a vital component of demand planning. Advanced demand planning and forecasting tools help retailers obtain critical visibility to inventory demand where and when it occurs, as well as automate processes and understand exceptions to deliver improved results. enVista’s team brings deep experience with today’s most sophisticated systems to help you develop and implement a solution to meet  long-term requirements.

Our consultants approach demand planning and management with enVista’s three-pronged strategy:

  • People: Our process includes a significant change management phase related to the teams who are doing the forecasting. Without proper buy-in, there is no guarantee your new processes will work correctly.
  • Process: It is important to create a cross-functional demand planning process across your sales, marketing and operations divisions. We will do both top-down and bottom-up forecasting to determine the best course of action.
  • Technology: We can use any number of technologies to accomplish these goals. It can be as simple as using spreadsheet software like Excel, or a purpose-built solution to provide forecasting information.

Why enVista?

We have a range of expertise across technologies, processes and strategies, so we have a holistic view of what your company needs to do. Our consultants are all operators first. They have run operations and worked on problems like the ones you are experiencing. We take a pragmatic solution approach, searching for the solution that best addresses your issues – not just the one that is easiest to sell or implement.