Maximize project ROI and probability of success through project and organizational change management.

Change introduces risk and instability to organizations, but proper change management can help you mitigate this risk. For a supply chain execution project, a high percentage of the ROI is dependent on employee adoption and usage. Managing employee change through the course of project execution is often overlooked and detrimental to success.

Customize the strategy to the change.

enVista’s change management consulting team utilizes an array of assessments to customize a strategy to the size of your change. The change strategy shows you the level of risk the project poses to the organization, how to structure your change management team, and properly scale communication, coaching, resistance management, training and sponsor plans for the change. By doing so, we reduce or eliminate extra cost for having to redesign, retrain, or rework at the end of a poorly managed implementation.

Fully realize the intended future state, not just part of it.

Any kind of change, large or small, has the tendency to be met with resistance. This can lead some employees to cling to the current state where they are familiar with the tools and processes. enVista works with your team to proactively identify areas of resistance and plan tactics to prevent it, whenever possible, and deal with it, should it still arise. Leveraging our library of planning and execution templates, we help you effectively communicate the change, coach employees through it, give them the knowledge they need, and monitor their effectiveness. Our goal is to enable you to guide all employees through the transition and arrive together in the future state, effectively using the new tools and processes daily.

 Key benefits of enVista’s Change Management Consulting Services include:

  • Capture the people dependent portion of ROI
  • Achieve organizational goals and project benefits
  • Mitigate risk associated with change
  • Complete projects on time and on budget
  • Reduce productivity loss and attrition due to employee resistance

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Broc Pittsford

Broc Pittsford has over 18 years of experience in leading large project teams, including customer and vendor resources, to implement and integrate supply chain solutions to deliver business needs. He has a successful track record of implementing supply chain solutions for mid-market to Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Everyone, from end users to executive sponsors, will benefit from change management through the lifecycle of the project.

Our proven change management team works hand in hand with your project team to execute the change management plan through each phase of the project. We offer a variety of tailored training sessions to get everyone up to speed and on board with the change process. Whether it’s project managers, executive sponsors, people managers or frontline employees, we can equip those involved to successfully navigate change and contribute to the project

Why enVista?

The enVista team has a depth of experience in supply chain transformation, including software implementations, Lean Six Sigma process improvement and implementation of labor standards. We have certified change practitioners that execute change and provide knowledge transfer. At enVista, we know how to successfully address change as part of supply chain execution and implementation.