Drive significant distribution efficiencies with collaborative robotics.

Robotics offer an important opportunity to drive significant distribution efficiencies and reduce labor dependencies. However, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach with robotics integration. Operational and process demands must be met along with future production and throughput goals.

Determining and implementing the right robotics application for your organization significantly reduces total cost of ownership and time to value.

enVista can help.

Robotics Solutions

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enVista's Proof of Concept Approach

  • Document “As-is” processes; focused on constraints and throughput
  • Engineer future processes evaluating the optimal mix of robotics and automation
  • Develop economic payback analysis and ROI
  • Develop proof of concepts and prototypes in our Robotics Lab
  • Engineer, design and build, deploy complete systems
  • Complete field acceptance to meet production rate criteria
  • Perform rigorous validation in the field
  • Provide training and change management

Robotics Lab

Our leading robotics integration experts and engineers prove out the value and application of robotics and prototypes, developing robust, custom solutions for clients in our state-of-the-art robotics lab and testing facility in Chicago. We have the capabilities to design custom testing environments to handle your target products and conduct real-world testing, proving that the robotics solution will be able to do the task they are needed to do.

Consult • Implement • Operate


As a consulting organization, our strength lies foremost in our people. Our expert, software and hardware robotics engineers not only consult but they also uniquely implement and operate customized solutions that address each of your unique business requirements. enVista’s ability to consult, implement and operate can take your organization from proof of concept, to implementation and program management and training.


Why enVista?

Partner with robotics integration experts with nearly 30 years of supply chain and automation experience, to select and deploy the optimal robotics and automated solutions for your organization.

  • Engineer, design and build, and deploy complete systems, looking at the entire process to drive desired business outcomes with the focus on time to value and ROI.
  • We are equipment manufacturer agnostic. Our engineering and testing integration experts make sure each process step works, providing total end-to-end systems integration based on your organizational requirements.
  • Leverage our state-of-the art robotics testing lab to determine the optimal solution for your organization.