Prioritize and sequence the planning and implementation of new systems to find ways to create a positive and quick impact to your users and customers.

A proper application roadmap is only as good as the implementation in practice. Business units need to work together cooperatively, minimizing duplication of effort, increasing the sharing of common resources and fostering innovation in the application and deployment of technology. You need to bridge the gap between business and technology to ensure the right applications are in place to support both current and future business needs and direction.

During an implementation, it is often difficult to maintain applications while meeting your customers’ challenges and the expectation of mobility and digital transformation. Your organization must pivot quickly to deliver faster, more effective capabilities in a customer-centric paradigm. Together, your company faces the unique challenge of providing improved service and increased efficiencies. This can be accomplished by using enVista’s team of consultants to develop the proper application strategy and roadmap.

Developing the right application strategy and roadmap to aid you in your implementation journey can provide many key benefits to your business, including:

  • Bridge the gap between business and technology
  • Enhance service levels to your customers
  • Enhance support and satisfaction of your internal customers to ensure they are better equipped to support your end-customers
  • Address significant concerns (e.g., that technology is one of the largest impediments to your growth path and/or business strategy)
  • Present a comprehensive and sustainable action plan based on business needs and aligning staff resource, projects, and funding to address business priorities
  • Facilitate the achievement of organizational excellence through appropriate access to and use of Information Technology
  • Enhance collaboration with internal and external organizations
  • Optimize the benefits derived from investment in Information Technology

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Steve Gary

Steve Gary is Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at enVista and brings over 35 years of experience in assisting domestic and global organizations to achieve strategic results and improved performance. At enVista, Steve is responsible for managing enVista’s Enterprise Solutions Practice focused on providing clients complete ERP solutions around Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and supporting third party applications.

Our experienced team of strategy consultants defines a collaborative strategy application and roadmap across executives, core team members and their staff.

We provide strategies based on your key inputs, our industry knowledge and extensive research. This is the foundation of a successful implementation.

We work together to introduce processes that invite ongoing collaboration and cooperation, as well as define a series of strategic initiatives and quarterly revisions and additions as needed. Our solution incorporates a detailed gap analysis, serving as the basis for decision-making and driving the optimal migration approach. We look at the business functions and its direction, the general capabilities required for the organization as a whole, and the capabilities of the existing solution set.

The most important factor in creating a successful supply chain strategy is that the strategy must be actionable. To achieve the desired results, a well thought out technology roadmap is key. enVista’s roadmap lays out the steps that need to be taken to help you meet your goals and objectives. To help you reach your goals, enVista’s IT Strategy experts bring a proven four-phase Technology Roadmap process to deliver the results you expect. The first phase, Business Assessment, is used to understand where you want to go with the business. In the second phase, Current Environment, enVista takes a deep dive into understanding how you operate your business today with a focus on business and technology. In the third phase, Future State, enVista works with its you to define the future state of your technology environment. The final phase is to provide a recommendation. The recommendation provides the roadmap with the necessary investments, projects and sequencing of those projects over a typical time period of 3-5 years.

Why enVista?

We have helped clients identify internal improvements so that capital investments can be postponed (e.g., postponement of next DC or DC expansion due to turn improvements).

We are included in Gartner Research’s “Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy and Operations Consulting.” We help clients reduce time spent on data gathering and manipulation in relation to analysis and decision-making.