Find the right 3PL for your organization.

If you do not have a current third party logistics (3PL) provider or are not happy with your current 3PL contract or your provider in general, it may be time to start considering your options. Many organizations struggle to identify how to get the most value out of a 3PL partner. This is often because they do not fully understand what they are looking for or how to sort through the multitude of options out there. Sometimes it might even make more sense to build a warehouse and do everything yourself rather than engaging with a specific provider.

You might be struggling with these questions because of a lack of expertise regarding 3PLs in terms of what to look for or how to negotiate with a 3PL once you have selected one. As part of our 3PL evaluation and selection process, our expert consulting team will help you navigate these questions and create a customized solution that fits your business needs.

Our evaluation and selection methodology enables:

  • Comprehensive cost models
  • A 3PL selection based upon facts and data
  • Greater accessibility and use of information for decision making
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Decreased implementation risks

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Davison Schopmeyer

Davison Schopmeyer is Senior Managing Partner of enVista’s Consulting practice and COO of the company. Davison brings more than 25 years of experience in leading strategy, consulting and software implementations that drive value to the bottom line. At enVista, he is responsible for the consulting practices including Supply Chain, ERP, and CRM.

Our proven methodology consists of two phases: selection and implementation. The selection phase begins by evaluating your current operation and researching viable alternative strategies. We then guide you through the bid process with existing and perspective vendors. Each service/solution offering is carefully documented and reviewed. Next, a strategic and data-driven recommendation is made.

Our 3PL Evaluation and Selection Process:

  • Develop list of potential 3PL providers and submit mission critical items for the facility
  • Submit critical documents to three vendors and manage the evaluation process
  • Review/evaluate prospective third party vendor responses
  • Define the costs and service impact
  • Compare the 3PL analysis with the current facility design scenarios
  • Provide a recommended path forward

Based on the outcome of the selection phase, implementation starts with additional research and planning. We then begin development of the solution that best meets your business goals and needs. Once the planning phase has been completed, the new solution undergoes extensive testing and final preparation for your go-live.

Why enVista?

Our consulting team does many of these 3PL evaluations and selections for our clients every year. We know the providers in the industry and what can result in a good or bad deal for you. Our consultants know warehousing and distribution operations. With us, you can be sure that the correct 3PL will be chosen from the setup and operations standpoint and that it will not just be about the money.

We have a range of expertise across technologies, processes and strategies, so we have a holistic view of what your company needs to do. Our consultants are all operators first. They have run operations and worked on problems like the ones you are experiencing. We take a pragmatic solution approach, searching for the solution that best addresses your issues. We understand that fit is important. We have to match the operational flow with your product flow. Companies who partner with enVista enjoy best-in-class services while remaining focused on their own core competencies and strategic opportunities.