Improve your transportation operation and processes with enVista’s SAP Transportation Management implementation team

SAP Transportation Management (TM) can help you accurately forecast demand and shipment volumes, consolidate orders, and enhance transport logistics management.

enVista’s SAP TM implementation team helps clients achieve an optimized transportation network by using key metrics to determine ideal transportation methods and provide data-driven recommendations on fleet size, carrier selection, consolidation, modal optimization and routing.

We can provide your business with tailored strategies to improve transport asset utilization and help you achieve transportation efficiency without compromising service levels. We offer insights and solutions for enhanced trip formation, load formation at different supply chain nodes, and cross-freighting to improve the overall performance of your transportation network.

With a successful SAP TM implementation by enVista, you will:

  • Manage transportation complexity. We will implement TM to help you improve transportation accuracy, speed and flexibility. We will optimize your transportation capabilities including procurement and management of capacity, asset utilization, and routing.
  • Integrate activities across your transportation network. enVista’s team will help you integrate your transportation activities with your complete business operations to achieve visibility across your organization.
  • Improve customer service. TM enables its users to make better decisions while meeting customer demand and improving customer service levels.

As part of the system implementation, enVista’s team can also integrate SAP’s Event Management (EM) product to manage business process events across your distributed processes and provide real-time visibility to these processes. With EM, get the supply chain visibility you need to manage, track and monitor events across your distributed processes, which may involve dispersed partners, inventories, and assets. EM also allows proactive monitoring of process status and improves supply chain efficiency by reducing the time needed to take corrective action.

Meet Our Industry Expert

Geoff Milsom

Geoff Milsom is Senior Director of enVista’s transportation strategy and consulting services. Geoff has more than 10 years of experience delivering transportation strategy, operations and systems improvements to clients in various industries.

enVista's SAP Transportation Management consultants will help you:

  • Develop and define business rules and configuration requirements
  • Document technical specifications, integration points and standard operating procedures of key business processes and exceptions
  • Configure applications to enable future state processes
  • Automate repetitive or low value tasks, enabling resources to focus on higher value generating activities
  • Improve visibility and standardize reporting metrics and training resources on new or enhanced applications and processes to increase realized benefits and user adoption
  • Improve transportation planning
  • Increase execution accuracy
  • Improve auditing time and accuracy
  • Lower costs through load consolidation, mode selection and multi-stop route optimization

Why enVista?

enVista’s specialized TMS Consulting team has over 20 years of experience supporting clients with their toughest transportation management system projects. Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the TMS marketplace along with each vendor’s strengths and weaknesses.

With enVista as your consulting partner, you reduce the risk of a long, drawn-out, expensive and inefficient TMS project. Our job is to ensure that you are making a justified decision to invest in a transportation management system, and in selecting that TMS and implementing it. Our commitment is that we will ensure your transportation management system optimizes your processes and delivers the results and value you need.

We have been included in Gartner Research’s Market Guide for the Transportation Management System Integrator Market and have implemented, configured, or integrated Oracle, SAP, MercuryGate, JDA, Manhattan, BluJay, Descartes, Roadnet, TMW, McLeod, CAMS, and 3Gtms for clients.