COVID-19 Readiness: Remote Work and Security

Companies worldwide are shifting to remote work in response to COVID-19 and social distancing precautions. Maintaining peak performance and efficiency are top of mind for business leaders as teams make the transition to working from home.

Get all employees connected and collaborating with Microsoft Teams  

Microsoft has announced that it is committed to keeping teams connected during this difficult time by making Microsoft Teams free to anyone for six months. Microsoft Teams is a digital collaboration tool that allows you to chat, meet, call, and collaborate in a single platform. 

There are several deployment options, however, to get the full featured version* and centrally distribute it to your entire company, you will need to engage a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), such as enVista. 

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and CSP, enVista’s in-house experts can help you determine which deployment option is right for your company and get you up and running quickly. We can help you navigate the selection process, implementation, and user adoption.


Create an Effective Remote Work Environment

As your company transitions in-office operations to a remote work environment, having a comprehensive plan is crucial to keep employees engaged, communicating and productive. To help you get started, we have put together a plan to quickly and efficiently make the transition to remote work.

Securely connect employees to on-premise resources

“At enVista, approximately 50% of our associates work remotely and 100% of our associates use digital collaboration tools. We want to lend our expertise and help other companies seamlessly transition to working remote. Let us help you be more productive.”

Jim Barnes, CEO, enVista

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*The self-service freemium version does NOT include critical features such as, scheduled meetings, meeting recordings, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, administration tools, support and more. Compare the features in the free version to the free trial available through enVista. Learn More.

Securing your remote employees’ connection to any on-premise resources minimizes your risk of cyberthreats. During your transition to remote work, the major risks to your company’s security are: 

  1. Adding unknown devices and variables onto the network 
  2. Employees using devices and networking equipment that are not owned and managed by your company 
  3. Increased cyber threats and COVID-19 related scams

We recommend setting up Virtual Private Network (VPN) if your team is going to be remote and working from untrusted networks. The benefits of a VPN include but are not limited to 

  • Routes all traffic to your companies’ resources through an encrypted tunnel. 

  • Adds a layer of security to prevent devices from listening and intercepting company data. 

  • Allows endpoint protection tools to be installed, tracked, and managed centrally   

If you are struggling with setting up a VPN, please reach out, and we will help you get it set up quickly.  


Securing endpoints is vital to minimize risk in a remote environmentEndpoint protection tools can be used to secure your networkExamples of endpoint protection tools include but are not limited to:   

  • Anti-virus 

  • DNS Filtering 

  • Web Filters 

  • Host-based Intrusion Detection 

If you need help setting up any of the endpoint protection tools mentioned above, contact us to get started.  

Endpoint Protection


We know this is a difficult time for everyone personally and professionally. As companies are rapidly adjusting to the escalated challenges related to COVID-19, our team of Microsoft, IT, and security experts are here to help. 

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