Your Dynamics AX ERP system is an important investment that is central to the efficiency and profitability of your business. Make sure it gets an occasional check-up.

A Microsoft Dynamics System Health Check will inevitably become necessary as your organization grows. During this growth, the technology needs and strategy requirements of your business will change. Over time, these changing business needs can affect the health and performance of key components within your technology environment, especially your Microsoft Dynamics® AX (Dynamics AX) ERP system and its supporting hardware.

System Audit

A System Audit is designed to identify and resolve setup and data problems that could cause improper or inconsistent operation of the Dynamics AX ERP System. Upon go-live, these problems, if not corrected, could lead to critical system issues. Another great reason to conduct a system audit is that it will isolate financial posting issues, which will make the task of closing out the first month easier. This system audit process is very effective in helping to identify system readiness and assess risks.

Development Audit

There is not a one-size-fits-all ERP system, which means that most systems require some type of customization in order to provide functionality that is not natively available. There are also cases where a system requires customization for the optimization of critical business processes. Inevitably, there are poor customizations and code alterations that negatively affect a system.

Customizations will usually involve some level of changes to the software code, whether adding to or editing standard Dynamics AX code. When the coding process is done hastily or haphazardly, this leads to problems that directly affect the risks and long-term costs associated with operating the system.


Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Steve is Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at enVista and brings over 35 years of experience in helping domestic and global organizations achieve strategic results and improved performance. At enVista, Steve is responsible for managing enVista’s Enterprise Solutions Practice focused on providing clients complete ERP solutions around Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and supporting third party applications.

When is it time for a System Health Check?

Determining when and why it is appropriate for your organization to undergo a thorough system audit and health check can be complicated. In some instances, a business may not have the proper resources or expertise to conduct a system analysis. However, even if this is not the case, we often still find that business decision makers and managers within an organization are susceptible to overlooking critical issues and process gaps because of their close proximity to the business operations. That is why an unbiased third party can be so beneficial.

Here are some questions to help determine if it is time for your organization to bring in outside expertise to conduct a system assessment:

  • Have there been changes in business requirements due to organizational growth, employee turnover, or emerging market trends?
  • Are there identifiable performance issues related to system hardware, architecture or customizations?
  • Is there a perceived loss of productivity as a result of inconsistent operations or tedious, labor- intensive workarounds?

enVista’s comprehensive system assessment is comprised of a three-prong approach that includes the following:

  • System Health Check: evaluate system performance and resources
  • System Audit: identify process gaps within the system
  • Development Audit: identify problems with custom coding and interface logic

System Health Check

Our System Health Check for Dynamics AX consists of a thorough analysis of various process-related activities and system hardware and resources to identify the source of performance problems such as inadequate hardware, improperly configured resources, bad network architecture or poorly written system customizations.

Why enVista

enVista’s Dynamics AX professional support team and AX consultants have kept pace with the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our deep experience enables us to adapt our approach based on your specific industry and business requirements. We also educate and empower the client teams with whom we work, delivering the in-house expertise you require.

Each of our consultants approaches a Microsoft Dynamics engagement with deep knowledge of benchmarks, best practices and more than a few tricks of the trade acquired over the course of their careers. And because they work entirely in a Microsoft environment, they can quickly tell if the problem is located in the ERP or related to SQL Server, SharePoint or some other application from Microsoft or another vendor.