Optimize inventory control, asset tracking and warehouse management by implementing a custom, wireless warehouse technology and infrastructure solution.

Technology is a critical component of any supply chain network. Utilizing the right wireless warehouse technology, such as radio frequency devices, wireless and switching devices, is integral in ensuring your operations are running at maximum efficiency. As you implement these technologies, your business will need reliable and robust wireless networks which support your changing inventory and facility layouts.

We provide the enabling technology necessary to support your operations and supply chain systems within the four walls of your warehouse. enVista’s experienced team of supply chain systems experts and technology consultants have a deep understanding of the infrastructure required for your supply chain systems to function most effectively within the warehouse. Our team will provide you with the reliable wired and wireless infrastructure needed to run your supply chain operations.

Our team can also help you keep up with the competitive and always evolving marketplace. As picking and packing technology advance, so must your hardware considerations. The different functions in a warehouse may have different hardware requirements such as wearable mobile computers for picking or tablet computers for forklifts to move pallets within shipping. Our team can help provide the best hardware solutions to fit the job. Once you make your hardware considerations, our team will make sure you have the wired and wireless infrastructure to support your new technology.

Leverage enVista’s wireless warehouse technology services to:

  • Improve wireless coverage in facilities by allowing enVista to review your wireless network through the use of site surveys
  • Understand where your wireless coverage “dead spots” are located and how they can be remedied
  • Benefit from a wireless network design that is catered to your business
  • Increase worker accuracy with RF mobility and scanning
  • Uncover efficiency gains by reviewing how implementing RF mobility and scanning can be leveraged
  • Learn how moving to a voice-directed solution can increase accuracy and efficiencies in your business

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Ryan Ordo

Ryan Ordo leads the public and private cloud infrastructure team and has been instrumental in the development of enVista’s multi-cloud architecture.

Our team of wireless warehouse technology experts leverage our CIO methodology to:

  • Consult when designing a robust wireless network
  • Implement the wireless design using industry best practices
  • Operate and manage your wireless network

We consult with you to determine the equipment that best meets your needs and often bring the equipment partner to the table to help design the right solution for you. Our team members are certified and highly trained to implement and train users on the equipment.

Why enVista?

Our warehouse technology engineers have professional certification in each of the solution areas we provide. Our team has the experience of deploying both wireless and RF mobility solutions across multiple business types, ranging from SMB, education, enterprise, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing. We have designed and deployed wireless solutions for warehouses big and small, ranging from 25,000 sq. ft. to 800,000 sq. ft.

enVista has partnered with major manufacturers of technology hardware and software equipment to provide the best of breed equipment clients need – from servers to RF terminals to storage area networks. We provide maximum value to clients by spending significant time and effort researching and selecting hardware and software equipment.