We design and build beautiful solutions that connect user experience with business outcomes.

Successful websites require UX design to deliver a delightful, differentiated and efficient experience when users interact with it. Our UX/UI team offers design sessions with key stakeholders and users to help define goals, needs, pain points and opportunities to deliver a better product. Part of this process is creating personas and user stories to understand those user needs and to design a satisfying experience. We design custom applications, intranets, and websites and work with your marketing team to create a consistent design across your brand.

By working with our UX/UI design team you will:

  • Satisfy customer experience with engagement, simplicity and value
  • Improve standardization, consistency and the overall look and feel of your site
  • Increase trust and credibility of your brand
  • Create the right product from the start to avoid costly redesign
  • Maximize sales and conversion rates through user research data
  • Maintain existing users by improving retention and longer-term conversion

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Nathan Bensch

Nathan Bensch is an experienced technical leader and architect of full-lifecycle, multi-tier custom web applications. Over his career, Nathan has specialized in creating software for national firms within the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing, and Not-For-Profit industries.

Our UX/UI experts will create a solution that fits your business needs and delivers real value to your users and customers.

We will dive deep into a full-day design session with you in order to define project goals, discover the needs of your users and discuss visual elements of the site. We will learn vital information about your business, what your current processes are, and recognize identified problems as opportunities. Our UX/UI designers will create detailed wireframes and iterate to an approved roadmap for your project. Our designers will also collaborate with your marketing team to create a design that maintains your brand standards.

Why enVista?

Our design experts are UX certified through the Nielsen Norman Group. In the past, we have increased clients’ customer service efficiency by greater than 20 percent. We provide improved field service collaboration with a centralized location for all resources. We create mobile environments that facilitate collaboration between cross-functional groups in order to break down the “silos” of your business.