Reliability and responsiveness can be mission-critical; your network is in good hands here.

enVista’s managed IT services practice not only delivers industry-leading solutions, we also bring a strong history and reputation for quick response and resolution timeframes, reliability, a collaborative consulting approach, and a passion for delivering results. Leaders within corporations and non-profit organizations of varying sizes consider us their trusted IT advisors.

enVista provides complete, outsourced technology services for your network and tailors each service to meet your individual system needs, including: configuration and management of anti-virus and backup and encryption software; firewalls; switches; and intrusion prevention network devices. Most importantly, our outsourced technology services include support for your computer user community and the servers or services upon which they rely. When onsite support is required, send our field services team to client locations throughout the United States.

We’ll take care of your applications, you focus on using them

As your managed services provider, we will be responsible for the “care and feeding” of your applications. That might mean updating, tracking uptime, adding users, resetting passwords or any other routine maintenance you’d rather your own IT staff not spend time on. We follow a specific customer service process when we care for your applications, so associate turnover, which can be high in the IT field isn’t an issue for your department. No matter who is managing your application at enVista, the same protocol will be followed.

Backing up customer data wherever it sits

Our backup and disaster recovery service allows you to have significantly more peace of mind. When you give us recovery point and recovery time objectives we will customize the setup for your backup and disaster recovery plan specific to your needs. Our backup service utilizes as many as three locations (Carmel data center, Pittsburgh data center or the Cloud through Microsoft Azure). Our team is in place 24/7/365 which greatly mitigates the risk that if a restore is needed that it wouldn’t be able to be accomplished. We have people who are not only experts in the tools, but the planning process as well. They have overseen these disaster recoveries before and will guide you through any potential bump in the road and see you safely to the other side.

Round the clock support for Microsoft SQL Server

Our experts know the technology. They will be caring for the SQL environment. At enVista, we will put our DBA against anyone else. We will tune the system to make sure it runs the best it can and watch it 24/7/365 to make sure it is experiencing no hiccups. If anything does go wrong, we will fix it and let you know. Our team is on hand and addresses issues so quickly that often times, by the time you become aware of a problem, it’s already been addressed.

Keeping your network infrastructure running smooth

We will help your database run fast and efficient, and ensure that it will be up and available at all times. Our team addresses potential issues proactively to minimize any downtime as much as possible. We will monitor your wireless/wired network, watching it at all times, actively correcting any networking issues that might happen and notifying you right away. Our experts address problems and seek out the root causes to make sure they don’t happen again.

Managing server and storage environments

Similar to our other managed services, our team will be responsible for maintaining your server and storage environments. That can mean monitoring, updating, keeping current on software revisions or any other general maintenance tasks. We will be proactive in our problem solving and make sure you have as little downtime as possible whenever an issue might arise.

Microsoft Sharepoint

As a Microsoft SharePoint partner, we have the expertise to build beautiful solutions with all the features your business needs to achieve success, helping you gain full value for your SharePoint (online or on-premise) platforms. In today’s high-speed business environment your organization needs to be able to get your employees’ critical information relevant to their needs quickly. SharePoint ensures that your documents and collaborative efforts are easily accessible to your workforce while maintaining high security for sensitive or private data.

Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft 365 suite comes in either the Business or Enterprise solution and provides your employees the best-in-class productivity and capabilities of Office 365. Microsoft 365 Business was designed with small and medium-sized customers with little to no IT resources on staff in mind whereas Enterprise was designed for larger companies.

Meet Our Industry Expert

Ryan Ordo leads the public and private cloud infrastructure team and has been instrumental in the development of enVista’s multi-cloud architecture.

Why enVista?

We know every organization is different. We provide complete managed IT services for your network and will tailor the services to meet your unique needs. enVista can serve as your complete, outsourced IT department with Tier 1-4 service levels from entry-level helpdesk support to senior systems engineers.

Your organization can leverage enVista’s shared services model to cover the every-day, yet important, areas of IT support, allowing you to focus on your core business and to reduce the amount of training required due to the high turnover rate of entry-level IT resources.Partner with trusted IT advisors. enVista has been providing managed IT services for over 15 years and helps dozens of organizations of all sizes, from local non-profits to large, global companies, address their biggest IT challenges. Our IT consultants bring deep expertise across multiple technology platforms to help determine the best fit for your company.