Protect information resources by combining administrative and technical controls to develop mature security solutions.

Many businesses are struggling to defend against the growing cyber threat due to the lack of available information security resources. As threats and skill shortages grow, more and more companies are looking to outsource their cybersecurity work to reduce time to implementation and maximize their return on security spending.

You might choose to turn to a managed security provider like enVista because the cost of implementing an internal information security team can be prohibitive. It can also be difficult to find information security talent due to the lack of available skilled resources. Many businesses find the sheer number of devices and vendors for those devices overwhelming and need to turn to experts to help them make those decisions.

Managed Security Services Providers allow clients to customize an information security program that fits their needs and determine which vendors and technologies will best fit with those needs. Managed Security Services Providers minimize time to implementation by working with users trained in the implementation of security technologies. Another benefit of a Managed Security Service Partner ensures clients have access to a skilled team of security resources available 24/7/365, without the cost of a full security team.

As your managed security provider, enVista will make sure you:

  • Have peace of mind, knowing that your IT assets are protected
  • Have the knowledge necessary to understand potential attacks without having to spend time becoming a subject matter expert
  • Have a customized managed security plan that fits your business needs
  • Have real-time threat monitoring
  • Do not have to pay an entire IT security team

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Cody Maus

Cody Maus is a Security Analyst at enVista, and has experience designing, supporting, and assessing security solutions for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. At enVista, Cody oversees enVista’s Managed Security Operations and is focused on designing and implementing security solutions for our clients. He utilizes his experience in the security industry to design solutions that fit a customer’s needs.

As your managed security provider, our security experts will:

  • Scan, assess, and test existing security controls to verify secure implementation of policies and technologies and assist with compliance activities
  • Implement and monitor your technical infrastructure
  • Monitor 24/7 for incidents and respond through our Managed Security Operations Center offering
  • Develop various information security policies to provide clients with security governance to guide daily operations and follow industry best practices
  • Implement and conduct periodic information security awareness training to teach employees how to avoid Phishing emails and malicious websites that may compromise computers and servers

One of the most important benefits that a Managed Security Services Provider can deliver is Security Awareness Training. Social engineering and spear phishing are the fastest way for attackers to compromise a company’s network. Phishing attacks can also be used to deliver malware and ransomware while targeted phishing campaigns can bypass common detection methods.

Users are the first line of defense against targeted phishing attacks. The implementation of a security awareness training gives companies the ability to identify users who are at risk for potential compromise and implement controls as necessary. Users can also be trained how to identify phishing emails and to avoid potential compromise. The training provider will offer periodic informational tips on security best practices to remind users how to protect sensitive information in a digital world, and management will receive reports on training to track completion for compliance audits.

Throughout our engagement, we will continue to monitor network traffic and manage event logs from your various IT assets. We will archive these logs for forensic evidentiary purposes. We will be able to tie all your alerts together to find connections and help you address them accordingly.

Why enVista?

Our team of security experts has years of experience with the ever-evolving cyber threats that come hand in hand with our use of technology. We have experience reacting to these incidents and preparing our clients how to address them going forward. We will take these complex threats and make sure you have an understanding of what they are and the impact they can have. For the cost of what it may take to hire one or two associates, you will have access to our entire managed security operations center.