We thrive on complex projects and understand that IT is the central nervous system of your organization.

Complex technology migrations are often necessary for companies to address issues relating to end of life, automation, or new applications. enVista works with your organization to orchestrate the many elements of a multi-faceted migration project. Across a broad set of infrastructure solution offerings – data center, desktop, application, and platform – we can deliver custom solutions based on your business needs. One of the key reasons for performance suffering is an aging infrastructure in your business. We can help you upgrade that infrastructure to keep your business up to speed.

enVista’s IT Infrastructure Services include:

  • IT Roadmap
  • Data Center Services
  • Wireless Warehouse Technology
  • Network Services
  • Cloud Computing Solutions (Public, Private and Hybrid)
  • Managed IT Services

By improving your IT infrastructure, you will have:

  • Increased performance within your network
  • Improved security thanks to newer, more secure, equipment
  • On-demand, 24/7/365 access and monitoring capabilities
  • 99.99%+ uptime

Why enVista?

enVista brings an experienced team of IT consulting professionals and IT infrastructure solutions. Clients benefit from expert advice in the evaluation, planning, implementation, consolidation, migration and management of the IT infrastructure; the result is a lower total cost of ownership and an agile and dynamic IT infrastructure that can drive better business performance.