Develop a compliance roadmap and security plan to give yourself peace of mind against information age threats.

Today’s technical regulatory requirements can seem a daunting challenge to business leaders. Whether that is due to a lack of staff or you are unsure of where exactly to start, our compliance experts will simplify regulatory compliance efforts by using our experience to develop policies and procedures, perform vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and roadmap security plans to address the changing threat landscape.

By selecting enVista as your compliance and regulatory roadmap partner, you will receive the following deliverables to make the compliance process as simple as possible.

  • Security policies, security plan and incident response plan
  • Backup process and procedure documentation
  • Disaster-recovery and business-continuity plans
  • Accurate and maintained inventory documentation and diagrams
  • Ongoing management reports of security posture and plan status
  • Ongoing vulnerability assessments with differential status reports
  • Information and device disposal policy, process and procedure documentation
  • Assurance that physical IT hardware assets have protections against viruses or malware, hackers or other threats to your information security and availability.

Most importantly, by choosing enVista as your compliance partner you will gain peace of mind knowing that you are both in compliance and safe from virtual threats.

Meet One of Our Industry Experts

Cody Maus

Cody Maus is a Security Analyst at enVista and has experience designing, supporting, and assessing security solutions for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. At enVista, Cody oversees enVista’s Managed Security Operations and is focused on designing and implementing security solutions for our clients. He utilizes his experience in the security industry to design solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

Compliance Roadmap

Our team of security experts can help you navigate your organization through complex security regulations and help you get ready for regulatory audits. We will assess your current environment for lapses in compliance, security or compliant controls.

Our consultants will help develop a roadmap for you, complete with security plans to address existing and emerging threats to your organization. Our vulnerability and penetration testing services will offer insight into weaknesses in your existing IT infrastructure.

Our consultants will work with you to understand your organization and make recommendations which fit your needs.

enVista’s development of a compliance and regulatory roadmap takes outputs from our IT Strategy level services and the IT security assessment processes. With the high-level knowledge of business and IT goal alignment and the security assessment, we will work with your management and stakeholders to develop a roadmap and security plan.

The roadmap and plan will include review and development processes for policy, process/procedural, technical implementations or planning needs, and ongoing IT risk management for threats to security and information.

By working with you to create and maintain the roadmap and security plan, we will be able to more effectively manage IT security for your environment and work with you during audits or assessments by other parties.


IT Security and Risk Assessment

enVista’s tools and methods for assessing your IT environment are focused on a core set of procedures and products with a proven track record of accuracy and adaptability. Our security experts maintain industry certifications, take part in educational and information exchange forums, and routinely evaluate the tools and workflows used to maintain effectiveness.

Our security assessments are performed in stages including an initial questionnaire and consult, followed by technical scans and running assessment tools. Utilizing these inputs, enVista can then produce an appropriate assessment report based on your organization’s required and recommended security posture. The report sections are reviewed with your company’s management at a high level and internally by our team of security and infrastructure specialists. The results and outputs of the security assessment then become an integral component of the security roadmap and plan for our combined team.

Why enVista?

Our compliance experts have years of consulting experience with various regulatory compliance requirements. We have experience reviewing these policies, and we will be able to interpret them for you. Our experts specialize in taking the complex compliance regulations and distilling them down in a way that is easy to understand and implement.