Our hybrid cloud solution allows you greater flexibility and cost savings by leveraging the best of public and private cloud.

enVista’s Managed Cloud Hosting Services provide a hosting location for client systems and infrastructure, whether it be public cloud hosting, private cloud hosting or a hybrid cloud solution. With our cloud delivery model, we assume responsibility for configuring, upgrading, maintaining and supporting your application, which is hosted via private cloud using a secure, dedicated or on-demand computing environment. We manage your environment 24/7 to ensure the environment is always running and available.

enVista’s Managed Cloud Services provide a hosting location for client systems and infrastructures. With our cloud delivery model, we assume responsibility for configuring, upgrading, maintaining and supporting your application, which is hosted via a private cloud using a secure, dedicated or on-demand computing environment. We manage your environment 24/7 to ensure the environment is always running and available.

Each of our cloud solutions provides unique benefits and specific reasons why they might best suit your needs.

Public Cloud Benefits

  • Making hardware refreshes easier: For most companies, refreshing enterprise-level hardware and applications requires significant investment, not only in terms of fiscal expenditures but time and effort, as well. End-of-Life (EOL) service agreements mean most updates are compulsory, requiring many companies to upgrade or fall behind. Public cloud enables companies to shift large capital expenses to lower operational expenses; it also removes the effort of staying up-to-date with the latest technical requirements and procedures for upgrading.
  • Cost savings: Most IT resources are obsolete within five years, forcing businesses into a never-ending cycle of substantial updates and investment just to maintain a competitive edge, which means fewer resources dedicated to growing the business. Public cloud offers considerably lower operating costs while allowing for greater on-demand availability.

Private Cloud Benefits

  • Increased scalability as your needs evolve: As your business grows, so must the applications and data storage capacity. This situation is further complicated by the fact that many companies are already struggling to attain the IT resources necessary to meet their already expanding infrastructure and on-demand data needs. Private cloud allows you to focus on your dedicated environment while utilizing the scalability of the cloud.
  • Greater flexibility: The flexibility associated with private cloud hosting allows you to leverage those capabilities for numerous business challenges. Virtualization allows the private cloud to generate resource pools, so the cloud is responsive to your business needs.
  • Reducing overhead expenses: The vast majority of physical IT assets are outdated within five years, forcing organizations to continually make significant investments in an effort to simply maintain, leaving less time focus on expansion and improvement. Private cloud offers predictable cost structure and lower capital expenditure outlay significantly lower operating costs, while allowing for greater on-demand availability.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

  • Leverage the best of public and private cloud: With hybrid cloud hosting, you will be able to strike a unique balance between your business and technology requirements. This balance enables your organization to maximize its internal IT team and allows you to allocate your resources accordingly, taking into account flexibility, scalability and performance.
  • Gain greater flexibility: Instead of relying solely on public or private cloud, hybrid cloud hosting enables you to move workloads and IT function effortlessly between both. Hybrid hosting is a powerful and cost-effective way to deliver IT services to your organization.
  • Increase cost savings: A hybrid cloud model enables companies to seamlessly connect premise-based systems to cloud systems, driving significant time and cost savings.

Meet Our Industry Expert

Ryan Ordo leads the public and private cloud infrastructure team and has been instrumental in the development of enVista’s multi-cloud architecture.

We offer three distinct cloud hosting services, customized to fit your needs.

Public Cloud

Public cloud offers the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is being housed within the framework of an enterprise-class data center. Not only do you receive the benefits of our state-of-the-art infrastructure and security, but our staff of on-site analysts and engineers is available around-the-clock, ensuring that your mission-critical data remains continuously available.

Private Cloud

Private clouds offer the power and capacity of a public cloud, with the security, control, and scalability of a private dedicated environment. Our team oversees infrastructure, compliance, and capacity of your private cloud environment, so you can focus on what you do best.

Hybrid Cloud

Using a hybrid cloud computing provider allows your organization to leverage the best of both the public and private cloud infrastructures. Even as your business requirements and technology trends are moving toward cloud solutions, we understand that some of your existing systems and platforms are not ready for cloud migration. That is why our hybrid cloud solution facilitates seamless coexistence between both your on-premise infrastructure and enVista’s third-party cloud platform.

Why enVista?

We have been delivering cloud computing solutions to our clients for over 15 years. Our hybrid cloud solution delivers the right solution for your specific needs. We do not force an all cloud or an all on-premise solution for any client. Our team of cloud-certified engineers can architect the right solution that will take advantage of existing investments in on-premise infrastructure with the proper mix of cloud computing. Our hybrid cloud solutions allow you to tailor hosting to meet your business needs without sacrificing cost-savings for compliance and performance.

Our public cloud hosting solution offers a seamless experience managed by a team of experts who ensure your data is always available. With enVista, getting started is simple. Our high-performance public cloud servers make it easy to deploy your applications. A public cloud server aligned with your specific needs can be up and running in a matter of minutes, so you can drive your business. And our experts are available around-the-clock to assist you whenever you need it. We’ve cultivated an extensive knowledge-base and expertise to help companies choose the right public cloud hosting solution for them.

enVista’s private cloud environments are designed for organizations seeking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing in a cost-effective manner, while keeping their data on a separate platform. With enVista, infrastructure is dedicated to your environment, so that you’re able to adhere to complex needs of your business, while leveraging the on-demand attributes and scalability of a cloud platform. Private cloud users have full administrative access to VMMs, providing total control over network operations and maintenance. At enVista, our private cloud customers have total control, which allows for greater control over network operations and maintenance.