Reduce Transportation Spend. Improve Visibility Across All Modes. 

enVista provides outstanding audit results, leading visibility tools, and comprehensive transportation spend management solutions. 

enVista is a leading global software solutions and consulting services firm, delivering transportation spend management services to reduce cost and improve visibility for clients across the globe. enVista's experienced team of transportation management profressionals provides cost savings solutions, including: global freight audit and payment, contract optimization, business intelligence, proactive analytics, TMS selection and implementation, EDI/trading partner management, and transportation consulting. enVista's innovative solutions improve profitability, enhance customer service, and reduce waste from source to consumption.

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enVista Named as a Representative Vendor by Gartner, Inc. in the Market Guide for Freight Audit and Payment Providers for Fifth Consecutive Year


  • Parcel Audit
  • Global Freight
  • Match Pay
  • Data Normalization
  • Operational Controls
  • Carrier Services


  • Carrier Bill Payment 
  • GL Cost Allocation 
  • Month-End Reporting 
  • Accrual Reporting
  • ERP Integration


  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Contract Analytics


  • BI 
  • KPI Modeling 
  • Systems Integration
  • Order Match
  • Carrier & Vendor Scorecards
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These Leading Brands Know Us. You Should, Too.


  • Proactive Analytics
  • Market Impact Analysis 
  • Network Optimization
  • Carbon Emissions & Sustainability KPI

How to Evaluate Freight Audit Companies


COVID-19: Reducing the Impact on Your Transportation Network


Global Freight Audit & Payment 

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The Spend Diagram is a simple way to begin your strategic assessments; it is an easy to read, one page visual that helps you "find the money" in your transportation operations.

Leaders in transportation look for ways to reduce costs while improving service levels as they conduct strategic assessments or design solutions. Using the Spend Diagram to document freight flows and costs on a single page is the best way for a transportation team to collect data and focus their efforts; this will help to keep it simple, communicate the operation and costs to the executives, and prioritize efforts.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How developing a simple, one-page transportation spend diagram can identify savings opportunities throughout your transportation operations
  • How to collect freight spend data to create the Spend Diagram
  • How you can use a Spend Diagram to lay out the subsequent steps for your strategic assessment

Hundreds of shippers leverage enVista to significantly decrease transportation costs and improve data visibility.

Reduce Costs with enVista's Transportation Solutions

You have complex transportation spend management challenges. Make enVista an extension of your team. We simplify your operations by designing and implementing global transportation solutions, analyzing business data, and auditing carrier invoices.

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Significantly improve your global freight visibility and gain control of your freight spend.

Increase operational and financial controls and reduce transportation expense with leading freight audit and payment services.

enVista's global freight payment team streamlines your payables process, making sure carriers are paid on time and correctly. With enVista acting as your intermediary, your team will spend less time fielding accounts receivable calls from carriers or dealing with reconciliation issues. Our freight payment service is enabled by our proprietary myShipINFO® software.

Find the Money: How a Transportation Spend Diagram Can Help

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